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Next Steps:

  1. 1. Add Catalog@myamazonguy.com to your account.
  2. 2. Seller Central Access – Click here and log into your Seller Central account to invite us by adding catalog@myamazonguy.com as a user to your account. Following this I will accept the invite and then you can set permissions. The user permissions we need are under the Inventory section: Manage Inventory/Add a Product, Upload Inventory, & Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments. Instructions here with video and tutorial: https://myamazonguy.com/2018/05/18/how-to-add-a-user-on-seller-central-user-permissions/ If you get an error when setting permissions that says “page not found” simply wait 2-3 hours and then set permissions it will work.
  3. 3. Let us know permissions are set.
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