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Amazon SEO Phase 4: Search Query Report

Market Share Indexing Phase
Increases marketshare for top ranking keywords determined by Amazon’s search query report, by inputting these exact match phrases into our SEO strategy. For mature listings already eligible for the phase 3 strikezone strategy.

3,000+ Customers Served

3,000+ Customers Served


Available for full-service clients only

SEO Phase 4 takes our strike zone keyword strategy (Phase 3) to the next level with Amazon’s new search query tool. Our strike zone strategy currently reviews well-indexed products with 800+ organically ranked keywords currently reflecting, in which we take organically ranked keywords from 20-50 and utilize them in order to get these specific keywords to rank 1-19.  

The Phase 4 SEO Query phase also is for mature listings with 800+ indexed keywords, but in this phase we will be utilizing Amazon’s real-time data in order to make determinations of top keywords for the overall brand or category


Increase market share through SEO, by utilizing conversion and click-through rate, as part of our SEO strategy. You now have the ability to rank based on intent. You will worry about your “market share” based on the competition, thus allowing you to have more sales.

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Benefits of Our Service:

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

Here at My Amazon Guy, we have a wealth of experience behind us regarding keyword research with Amazon.

We have a fine-tuned understanding of what it takes to select keywords for Amazon product listings and have seen firsthand that sellers are not using their search terms to the fullest.

In addition, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of keywords and rules to avoid that many aren’t familiar with.

With our internal search term optimization best practices, My Amazon Guy will have you covered.

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*Phase 3 is only offered to Full Service clients.

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