Shopify: Next Steps

We’ve received your My Shopify Guy form submission. Our designers will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

You can send project assets to steven@myamazonguy.com. Assets we’ll need include logos, images, copy/descriptions. If you have a product data sheet, feel free to send that as well.

After your draft is approved, we’ll need to import your existing domain name or add a new domain name. We recommend NameCheap if you need to purchase a new domain. You do not need a hosting package; Shopify will host your site. 

If you have a design idea or inspiration in mind, feel free to send over details or examples of 2-3 websites you like. 

If you already have an existing Shopify account, please reply with your admin Shopify credentials, or send a staff invite to steven@myamazonguy.com.

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