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The Trust Factor: Why Tim Schmidt Relies on My Amazon Guy

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At My Amazon Guy, our passionate Amazon experts, led by industry veteran Steven Pope, navigate the complexities of Seller Central Amazon for you. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your brand and maximize your success:

  • Increase Your Amazon CTR and Sales: We tackle low conversion rates (CTR) and help with Amazon brand registry.
  • Data-Driven Approach & Proven Strategies: Achieve your goals through our expertise.
  • Listing Optimization: We analyze and optimize your listings with relevant keywords.
  • Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Craft compelling ads to reach the right audience.

Success Stories Speak Louder Than Words

Just like Tim J Schmidt, countless satisfied clients have experienced the transformative power of partnering with My Amazon Guy. Tim, after encountering difficulties with other agencies, found the Amazon experts he craved at My Amazon Guy. Steven’s keen understanding of Amazon’s ever-changing landscape, coupled with our personalized approach, empowered Tim to achieve significant growth.

Your One-Stop Shop for Amazon Success

At My Amazon Guy, we believe in building long-term partnerships built on trust and results. We offer a full-service Amazon agency experience, empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive on Amazon. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you take your Amazon business to the next level.

"After struggling and bouncing from agency to agency to help my amazon business, From my initial consultation with Steven Pope which I'd heard about him on a podcast, he dug into my account, found opportunities of weakness whereas he can strengthen, I hired him immediately and it was the best decision I've ever made. If you're looking for a one-stop shop to help with your amazon business, there is nobody better in the world that I have seen than Steven Pope and My Amazon Guy.


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Keron Ali

Jeffrey Valen

Kenneth Arnswald

I was fortunate to be part of MAG's first batch of its Advertising Internship Program. The timing was perfect for me as I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about Amazon PPC and at the same time to have hands-on training to work on accounts.  


When I started my internship, I listed down the things I wanted to learn. And I am happy to say that I've ticked all the boxes! My most favorite was "Optimization Using Bulk Files”. Bulk files and I, we did not get along at first, it was so scary seeing all those data! But I had a great mentor who guided me along the way. He patiently taught me step by step on how to process the data. He was very enthusiastic in answering all of my questions. He supported me until I gained the confidence in uploading my first, second, third (and so on) bulk uploads. 


The biggest advantage in working with MAG (and I must say one thing that I always look forward to every week) is its Weekly Ads Training. Every week, we discuss various topics about PPC. Interns/Ads Specialists/Ads Managers, we all share knowledge, information, and updates about PPC. During our discussions, we exchange ideas and feedback. It became an avenue not just to learn a skill, but also to clear any vague or ambiguous PPC topics. 


For me, the biggest disadvantage is the work schedule. As an Intern, I have to follow EST timing. The time difference from my location was only 8 hours, but being a morning person, I really struggled to keep myself awake. But if you are a night owl, then this will not be a problem for you.


So if you are considering joining the MAG Advertising Internship Program, my advice to you is to take action - APPLY NOW! The knowledge that you will gain and the skill that you will develop from this program will be invaluable. And who knows? From being an Intern, you might be the next one to be promoted as Jr. Ads Specialist! 

Maria Victoria Piedad