UPC to GS1 Barcode Change Service

UPC to GS1 Barcode Change Service

Have you noticed an issue with your listings being removed? Are you seeing messages concerning GS1 Barcode Certification errors? If so, My Amazon Guy has a service to correct this issue for you. Stress Free! 

Amazon has changed their policy about GS1 barcodes and have started to take down listings due to not using GS1 certified barcodes in the listing. The problem stems from the mismatch between the registered brand name of the UPC barcode and the brand name of the listing

Our UPC to GS1 Barcode Change Service Consists of:

*We need you to provide us with GS1 certified UPC barcodes before the process starts.

Time Frame

My Amazon Guy will work on your listing and update the existing UPC barcode to your registered GS1 barcode within a week.

*Time frame might vary depending on specific factors such as brand registry on Amazon, etc.


We have worked on thousands of listing updates including:

  • Brand Name Change
  • Manufacturer Change
  • Title, Size/Color Name Changes
  • We’ve Acquired a Deep Understanding of Amazon’s Catalog System. 


Your listings should be relisted in order to proceed with the barcode update process which will result in 24 hour deletion of your offer.

We will then relist your listings as they were before the process started (including variations, price info, inventory, etc.).

Please note: We need you to provide us with GS1 certified UPC barcodes before the process starts.

Still Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Documents or Information Should I Provide When I Order?

  • GS1 Certified UPC Barcodes

How long does it take to make the change on Amazon?

  • Generally one week per 50 ASINs. It might change depending on several factors.  
Is Our Service Guaranteed to Work?
  • We would not offer this service if we were not confident we could do it. We will pro-rate the unsuccessful UPC changes back to you based on your order. (Maximum 50% refund, to pay for our time)
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