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Are you interested in building your Seller Central account to eventually qualify for Vendor Central? Do you currently qualify for Vendor Central and are weighing your options? Are you currently a Vendor Central seller and struggling with the strict guidelines and procedures? MAG is here to help!
Amazon vendor central

What is Vendor Central?

Unlike Seller Central, Vendor Central is used by first-party sellers. This invite-only program allows you to directly sell your products to Amazon in bulk to be “shipped and sold by Amazon”, which displays on the product listing. This can be a great option to increase confidence in your brand, access more powerful advertising strategies, and deal with fewer merchandising issues, since Amazon is your primary buyer.

What can My Amazon Guy Do for You in Vendor Central?

Our team is trained in the following areas and are ready to help you with:

  • A+ Content
  • Title, bullet point, and description optimization
  • Chargebacks
  • Open statements
  • Cases
  • Reports
  • Advertising
  • Direct Fulfillment setup and management
  • VC Brand Store creation
  • Compliance document filing
  • Catalog Management
  • Coupon and Promotion
  • Setup / Management
  • Vine Program Setup
  • AB Testing
  • Dispute Management
  • Product upload
  • Purchase Order Management Assistance / Chargebacks
  • VC PPC Management
  • VC Transfer to SC

Additional Services

Listing optimization is the process of updating & changing the listing’s product detail pages that will result in improving search visibility, click-through rate & conversion rate to overall, generate more sales.

We will make sure your existing catalog is optimized and work to optimize and new items to your catalog. Our listing optimizations include writing titles, bullets, and descriptions, keyword research, and infographic design.

My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience in growing sales for over 500+ Amazon Sellers. Our keyword research is through various powerful tools we utilize in-house. We are up to date with Amazon’s Seller Best Practices & will apply that to your listings.

Competitor Research

Launching more products generates more sales. You bring us any category or item, and we can tell you how it stacks up against the competition

Managing Amazon Case Log

We can manage your Amazon cases and talk to Amazon's seller support for you.

Amazon Social Posts

We will register your brand for Amazon's Social Post and set up consistent blog posts connected to your items.

Every Other Week Conference Calls

You will have an open line of communication with your Amazon Account Specialist, whether you prefer to communicate through e-mail, phone calls, video calls, or apps.

Weekly PPC & Sales Reporting

Our weekly reports will give you the fastest snapshot of your Amazon performance, including your sales, conversion rates, and advertising performance.

Additional Items Within Vendor Central

We can assist with anything that will help your sales grow, including generating FBA reports, inventory reports and generating FBA shipments, and monitoring suppressed listings.



The key to driving traffic to your listings lies in Amazon PPC. We’ve helped hundreds of clients set up proper advertising campaigns that have produced impressive results. We’ve also segmented advertising campaigns that have covered all potential customers on Amazon.

My Amazon Guy is an Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads Accredited Brand Accelerator. You can trust us to be ahead of the game when it comes to new Amazon Advertising updates and features. We’ve even implemented new ad types for our clients before they were announced by Amazon.

Our PPC management involves a series of techniques combined with advanced macros to optimize current advertising efforts. We’ll update your advertising faster, more frequently, and more holistically. In addition, we store bid adjustments for your viewing pleasure at any time. Everything we do prioritizes transparency.

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With years of knowledge and experience behind us, SEO has become second nature to us at My Amazon Guy. We’ve unearthed the ins and outs when it comes to selecting and implementing keywords for your product listings. Our best-in-class 3-phase SEO plan will help your products rank on the first page and sell in just a few clicks.


Our SEO services cover the following: keyword and competitor research, a choice selection of the most effective keywords for your products, and keyword ranking tracking over time.

Industry leader specializing in marketplace SEO with expertise in Amazon.
Steven Pope
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A+ Content

One of the best ways to stand out from the competition and showcase your brand is through top-tier A+ content on Amazon. Time and time again, quality content has been proven to catch the attention of customers and increase conversion rates.


With My Amazon Guy, you’ll get access to copywriters who have made their entire careers off of creating A+ content and graphics specifically for Amazon. With hundreds of copy projects under our belts, we know what it takes to create and publish gold standard content.

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Brand Store

If your brand store doesn’t have its own unique feel and identity, it’s unlikely that a viewer will stop by. But stores that do have a strong brand store have been able to reach their ideal customers.

At My Amazon Guy, we have designers in-house who specialize in creating beautiful designs with your brand in mind. With hundreds of designs made, they won’t just make your brand store look good, they’ll make it convert.

A collage of images showcasing various products featured on Amazon.


Listing Optimization

Listing optimization describes the process of updating and changing the listing’s product detail pages. The earlier this happens, the more likely you’ll improve your search visibility, click-through rates, and conversation rates. All in all, listing optimization helps generate more sales.


At My Amazon Guy, we’ll pore over your existing catalog to make sure it’s optimized. Any new items or items that need updating will be reworked. Our listing optimization includes writing titles, bullet points, descriptions, keyword research, and infographic design.


We’ll bring in years of knowledge and apply all our experience in growing sales for over 500 Amazon sellers.

Adding new products to Amazon’s catalog has never been easy. New Amazon sellers can often get lost in the process of gaining approvals, using the right product identifiers, submitting the necessary documents, and correctly filling all the fields required by Amazon.


Luckily, with your very own Amazon specialist who can take on the complexity for you, you can free up that time to work on your business.

By setting up parentages, we connect variations such as color or size to the same listing. This gives customers improved options to purchase. Parentage setup or recreation involves a complex process that requires you to have familiarity with Amazon flat files. If done incorrectly, you run the risk of deleting all your Amazon catalog data. We have parentage experts here at My Amazon Guy. They can set up your parentages correctly so you don’t risk your catalog later.

A brand name change can occur for many reasons. You might need to do it as a result of optimizing your catalog or adding a newly registered brand. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t make it easy to change your brand name. Sometimes, this simple task can even take hours.


If you’re a newly registered seller, you might run into issues like problems connecting your brand registry to your items. This prevents you from accessing A+ content or brand stores. Luckily, My Amazon Guy knows how to deal with tricky brand name changes and brand node issues, so you can get peace of mind.

At some point, every Amazon seller will eventually deal with a listing suppression or takedown. If your top-selling ASIN has been deactivated, or you’re seeing a “Page not found” error, you’ll need a reliable Amazon Specialist to get your listing back up as soon as possible.


At My Amazon Guy, we have years of experience with reinstating listings on Amazon. We know who to contact, what steps to take, and how to construct and submit an effective Plan of Action (POA) that meets Amazon’s requirements to get your listing back up and running. The faster we can get your listing back online, the faster you’ll make sales again.

Seller Central changes and grows every day. With that come bugs and errors that can affect your listings and ultimately your sales. We know how to fix virtually any error on Seller Central – from a broken categorization that can lead to a drop in search rankings to image bugs that can suppress your listing. We can also fix tricky A+ Content or Store rejection errors, get items suspended from advertising running again, remove poor seller feedback that can hurt your buy box rankings, and get rid of nearly every other common error that comes with selling on Amazon.

Once a single-star review hits your account, we’ll do our best to attempt to remove it. Please note that we say “attempt” as it is a numbers game. We can’t promise every review gets removed, but we can confidently say that many of them will.

Unfortunately, Amazon has forced sellers to use GS1 UPCs. We’ll update these for you to become compliant and prevent your listings from disappearing.

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Shipping Plan Generation

We’ll generate a shipping plan to keep your business on track and your customers satisfied.

Restock Suggestions

Keep your IPI Healthy

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Weekly reporting so you know how your traffic and conversion rates are growing


Stranded inventory, Hijacker Alerts, and Account Health Management

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