Walmart Questions & Answers from Walmart Seller Central Q&A

Walmart eCommerce is up and coming. From a recent webinar where a Walmart insider answers questions, these were the top questions and answers:


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  1. Do I need to submit items to be a part of campaigns?
    1. Only for manual campaigns (algo campaigns will pull in items based on attributes)

                                                    i.     CM’s or CS’s may reach out to you for items

                                                   ii.     You can also present items to them – just ask for their preference on how to do this


  1. Who pays for shipping if you qualify for the Walmart free 2 day shipping program?
    1. This is seller funded
    2. If you use 3rd party service Deliverr you are eligible for discounts – article on this attached on Resources slide


  1. Are Marketplace sellers eligible to participate in sponsored Ad’s
    1. As of right now, no, but it may be an option in the future


  1. Is Walmart planning to develop a program similar to Fulfilled by Amazon?
    1. Not at the moment


  1. How do I submit to affiliates
    1. This will differ by division, reach out to your CM or CS
    2. Men’s has a template to fill out, please reach out to me for it if you are interested


  1. How do I opt in for the Walmart free 2 day shipping program?
    1. Go to seller center to view your delivery metrics and see if you qualify
    2. Request access through the shipping settings page on seller center
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