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Every day, thousands of sellers join Amazon. With so many brands out there, it’s getting harder and harder for a new Amazon seller to cut through the noise. That’s where My Amazon Guy comes in.

Led by Steven Pope, our team of seasoned Amazon experts helps brands like yours optimize their listings to succeed on Seller Central. We’ve created a layered strategy using proven tactics to manage your PPC, SEO, and catalogs — so you can stop worrying about Amazon and start focusing on your business.



Higher revenue, lower ACOS, and transparent advertising management.



Our 4-phase Amazon SEO plan is best-in-class and will show dramatic results in search rankings in 90 days.



Enhanced Brand Content, Brand Stores, and graphics that convert.


Platform Management

We’ll take on the stress of managing your platform for you.

How Our Services Help You Grow Market Share

To help you increase your sales, we take a two-step approach. First, we drive traffic to your listings. And then we boost your conversions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is. 
By building your PPC campaigns, developing your SEO, enhancing your designs, and curating and troubleshooting your catalogs, we’ll strengthen your brand and your performance on Seller Central. You should be seeing more traffic and revenue within just a few months.

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Started 5 years ago, Nisolo, which means not alone in Spanish, is a brand devoted to its customers and its supply chain. It began in Peru, employing a team of artisans, crafting leather shoes. Patrick Woodyard, working in the microfinance world, was stunned by the workmanship but frustrated by the lack of a market.

What Sellers are Saying

Hundreds of Amazon FBA sellers flock to us for thought leadership, account management, and more. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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“I’m on the beach because of My Amazon Guy.”
Jeff Burgee
Super Naturals Health

We’ve been doing business more than 4 years and Steven Krane has referred more than ten companies to My Amazon Guy with similar results.
“I have had incredible success.”

Steven Krane
World’s Best Tweezers
My Amazon Guy helped Flying Swine double their Amazon sales, generate 1000s of reviews, and “fly sales to the moon.”
Joe Shaw
Flying Swine

Our 3-Part Process

We work hard to get a holistic understanding of your business. Once we’ve identified your needs and your goals, we’ll begin our work. See the process we follow below.

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Setting expectations

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Never-ending cycle of work

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Setting expectations




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We handle Amazon so you can focus on your Golf Swing Business.

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