Amazon Advertising Attribution – Tracking External Traffic into Amazon

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Introducing Amazon Attribution


Amazon took away some nifty stuff with APIs and ability to track sales into platforms like Facebook this past summer. They are now rolling out new tools and functionality to everyone but in a more controlled format called “Attribution” which is in beta for Amazon advertising. This article and video will help explain how to sign up for this tool and the value that it has.

Steps for Enabling Amazon Attribution:

  1. Register for Amazon Attribution
  2. Accept the invite by email.
  3. Create user login
  4. Create tracking ID for product

Step One: Registration Process:

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Step Two: Tag Implementation Process

Amazon Attribution Publisher Implementation Instructions EMAIL 2 page 001

Step Three: Search Tag Implementation Process

How to Track External Traffic into Amazon - Beta Advertising Attribution

Step Four: Social Media Tag Implementation Process

Amazon Attribution Social Implementation Instructions EMAIL page 001How to Measure Impact of External Traffic

Help maximize your return on investment (ROI) and grow your product sales. For the first time, you can measure the impact of search, social, email, display, and video media channels based on how consumers discover, research, and buy your products on Amazon. Amazon Attribution’s unique conversion metrics — including Amazon detail page views, purchase rate, and sales — give you a comprehensive view into how each of your marketing tactics contribute to shopping activity on Amazon.

Here’s an example of what you will see when you are registered. A code that can be used to track into Google Adwords:

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Then in Google Adwords you can see the final URL suffix is added.

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In theory this could even send sales data back to those platforms so they can optimize to conversion.



Amazon Attribution is still in beta status, which means it is still being tested. This tool can be a powerful method for sellers to see how their external advertising is affecting their Amazon sales.