Amazon Brand Story Showcase Your Brands Store Asins Across Listings

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Amazon A+ Content Brand Story

Maybe you’ve already made your products stand out with rich text and images in the Product Description by adding A+ Content. Perhaps you’ve already added great photos and search engine optimized content. But do you have a Brand Story? Adding a Brand Story, helps you connect with shoppers with your brand’s history, values, and what makes your brand unique. You can utilize banner images to show your products in use, feature your brand logo, and add content to all of your ASINs in order to create a consistent brand experience.


When we scroll down the example listing in the video we find a section called “From the Brand.” This is the area where the Brand Story is located. It is an additional module on top of the A+ Content which presents a fantastic opportunity to add more crawlable text and images to your Product Description Page. Another great reason to have a Brand Story is that we want to take up as much space as possible due to the fact that directly under your A+ Content is where Amazon displays a bunch of competitor’s listings. Having really big A+ Content accomplishes this goal but doesn’t go all the way – go one step further and take up the maximum amount of space possible by including a From the Brand: Brand Story section. The Brandy Story is an additional module that does not count against your five (5) allowed A+ Content modules. 


How do we add a Brand Story? Let me show you. Go over to Seller’s Central, put your cursor over “Advertising,” click “A+ Content Manager,” and start a new one. You’ll see a “Create Brand Story” button that you can click on. Once clicked, you can see that you’ve got a big carousel of options available with basically the same concept as A+ Content but specifically about your brand. It’s an effective way of getting people to look at your items rather than your competitor’s items and we at My Amazon Guy highly recommend it.   


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