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Struggling to stand out on Amazon? Partner with Amazon experts to unlock explosive growth.

Feeling lost in the Amazon jungle? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But what if you had a team of seasoned guides by your side, leading the way to increased sales and brand visibility? Partnering with Amazon experts can be the game-changer you need.

Mastering SEO, PPC advertising, product design, and catalog optimization is crucial in this competitive landscape. But these areas can be complex and ever-evolving. That’s where Amazon experts come in – with their in-depth knowledge and proven strategies, they can help you navigate these crucial aspects and propel your business toward Amazon success.

  1. Confident navigating Amazon’s ever-changing rules? (Risk of account suspension)
  2. Stuck waiting on Seller Support? (Experts handle communication effectively)
  3. Want to unlock full sales potential? (Experts optimize ads & marketing)

Asking yourself these questions can help you determine if the specialized guidance and support offered by Amazon experts can empower you to navigate the complexities of the platform and achieve long-term success.

Amazon Experts For SEO Mastery

4-Phase SEO, is a strategy that our Amazon experts here at My Amazon Guy (MAG) implement to help listings rank higher in the marketplace.

Phase 1 SEO

Most Amazon shoppers use search to find products. With millions of sellers competing, ranking high organically demands specialized knowledge and strategies. This is where Amazon SEO experts come in.

  • Beyond basic keyword research: Our Amazon Experts delve deep into your category, uncovering hidden search terms your competitors might be missing.
  • Precision targeting: Forget simply using popular keywords. MAG’s Amazon Experts meticulously hand-pick the most powerful keywords that drive targeted traffic, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  • Strategic implementation: Amazon Experts in our Amazon FBA agency know how to strategically weave these keywords into your product listings, descriptions, and backend data. This supercharges your product’s ranking potential over time.
  • Dominate search results: As your ranking climbs, your products gain superior visibility, placing them directly in front of ready-to-buy customers.
  • Effortless discovery: Imagine customers effortlessly finding your products without needing to scroll through countless pages. This translates to increased clicks and skyrocketing sales.

Phase 2 SEO

Ever feel like you’re missing out on a hidden world of Amazon shoppers? Phase 2 tackles this head-on with expert-driven strategies.

  • Beyond the Obvious: Basic keyword research only scratches the surface. Amazon Experts possess the tools and knowledge to uncover high-performing, yet underutilized “pink” keywords. These hidden gems can significantly boost your discoverability.
  • Precision is Key: Simply adding any keyword isn’t enough. Amazon Experts at MAG meticulously evaluate the effectiveness of each keyword and strategically incorporate them into your product descriptions. This ensures you target the right audience searching for exactly what you offer.
  • Avoiding Redundancy: Experts have a keen eye for spotting redundant keywords that consume valuable space in your search terms. They remove these to make room for the powerful “pink” keywords that Amazon’s search engine might be overlooking.

Phase 3

By Phase 3, your product has a solid foundation. Now, it’s time to fine-tune your targeting and unlock even greater visibility with expert-driven strategies.

  • Laser-Focused Keyword Selection: Our Amazon experts go beyond basic research. They delve deep into your category, uncovering high-value “strike zone” keywords currently within reach (ranked 20-50). These targeted terms have the potential to propel your products to the top of search results.
  • The Power of Precision: Forget a scattered approach. We meticulously hand-select the most relevant keywords based on in-depth analysis. This ensures you attract the perfect audience actively searching for exactly what you offer.
  • Organic Ranking Growth: Through strategic keyword implementation, we aim to gradually elevate your product ranking over time. This translates to surging visibility on Amazon’s search pages.
  • Unveiling Your Products to a Wider Audience: As your ranking climbs, your products become impossible to miss by potential buyers actively searching for relevant terms. This translates to a significant increase in clicks and conversions.

Phase 4 SEO

Amazon experts elevate your SEO with next-gen tools:

  • Real-time data insights: We go beyond basic research, leveraging exclusive access to Amazon’s search query data.
  • Target high-intent keywords: Amazon Experts analyze this data to identify keywords driving the most sales within your category.
  • Intent-based ranking: Our Amazon FBA agency ensures your products appear at the crucial moment when customers are ready to buy.
Amazon Experts Amazon SEO Tips (4)

Amazon Experts SEO Tips

Utilize image alt text effectively. Each image in your product listing and A+ content can have up to 100 characters of alt text.

Include Spanish characters in your A+ content description to potentially improve indexing speed.

Amazon Experts For PPC Precision

Amazon PPC can be a game-changer, but navigating it effectively requires expertise. That’s where our Amazon FBA agency comes in.

  • Proven Results: We’ve empowered hundreds of clients to skyrocket their traffic and sales through strategic PPC campaigns.
  • Laser-Targeted Reach: Our Amazon experts don’t do generic. We craft segmented campaigns that reach every potential customer actively searching for products like yours.
  • Keyword Mastery: Forget the guesswork. We utilize advanced research to identify the most profitable keywords while also uncovering hidden gems used by your competitors.

Our Amazon FBA Agency Amazon  Experts will:

  • Delve deep to find the perfect keywords that attract the right audience.
  • Fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact and minimal cost (reduced ACOS).
  • Work closely on your advertising campaigns to deliver a significant boost in sales with our data-driven approach.
  • Provide clear, actionable insights to track your progress and make informed decisions.

Amazon Experts PPC Tips

Focus on running Auto campaigns and negating bad keywords instead of switching to exact match keywords.

Regularly review search terms (once a week) and exclude irrelevant keywords to improve ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).

Amazon Experts For Highly Converting Design

Tired of blending into the crowd? In today’s competitive landscape, standing out is crucial.

  • Professional Design: Our Amazon experts create visually stunning A+ Content that grabs attention and increases conversion rates.
  • Strategic Keyword Integration: We weave relevant keywords seamlessly into your content and photo alt text, boosting organic traffic.
  • Compelling Brand Storytelling: Showcase your unique brand narrative with a captivating Brand Story.
  • Brand Story Expertise: Our team helps you craft a compelling Brand Story that engages customers, builds trust, and ultimately drives sales.
  • Strategic Content & Design: Leverage crawlable text, impactful visuals, and optimized alt text to effectively tell your brand story and maximize its impact.
  • Standout Storefront Design: Our design specialists create a professionally designed storefront that showcases your brand collection and guides customers toward your products.
  • Enhanced Brand Identity: Maintain a consistent brand voice and aesthetic across your storefront, differentiating yourself from competitors.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights into your storefront’s traffic sources, allowing you to optimize your strategy for continued growth.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Our creative team transforms basic images into eye-catching product photos that stop shoppers in scrolling.
  • Boost Click-Through Rates (CTR): High-quality visuals directly impact your CTR, the percentage of viewers who click on your listing. A strong CTR translates to increased traffic and potentially higher sales.
  • Enhanced SEO Ranking: Amazon prioritizes listings with engaging visuals in search results. Improved CTR can positively influence your SEO ranking, making your products more discoverable.

Amazon Experts Design Tips

Optimize your main image for the Amazon search page.

Include relevant keywords in the image itself or surrounding text.

Tailor the image to your target audience.

Amazon Experts For Catalog Optimization

Amazon Experts Catalog Optimization

Amazon experts empower you to transform your product visibility and sales with comprehensive Listing Optimization services.

Expert Content Creation

  • Compelling Titles & Bullet Points: Our Amazon Experts craft clear, concise, and keyword-rich titles and bullet points that grab attention and effectively communicate your product’s value proposition.
  • Engaging Product Descriptions: Go beyond the basics with informative and persuasive product descriptions that captivate potential customers and drive conversions.

Strategic Keyword Research

We conduct in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords that shoppers are actively searching for. Integrating these keywords strategically throughout your listing increases organic discoverability.

  • Visual Storytelling: Leverage the power of eye-catching infographic images to enhance understanding and boost conversion rates.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain a competitive edge with a detailed competitor report, allowing you to benchmark your performance and identify areas for improvement.

Amazon Experts Catalog Tips

Upload video responses to customer questions. This can improve engagement and showcase your product effectively.

Amazon Experts Help Troubleshoot Amazon Account Issues

Facing an Amazon account suspension can be frustrating and disrupt your business. Our team of Amazon experts can help you navigate the reinstatement process effectively.

We understand the complexities involved in dealing with Amazon suspensions. Our service provides:

In-depth Consultation: We’ll analyze your situation and identify the reason for the suspension.

Compliance Review: We’ll assess your listings and account activity to ensure they adhere to Amazon’s policies.

Plan of Action Creation: We’ll assist you in crafting a well-structured appeal that addresses Amazon’s concerns.

Case Management Support: We can guide you through the communication process with Amazon.

Our goal is to help you understand the suspension and work towards a swift resolution.

Here’s what sets our Amazon experts apart:


We have a proven track record of successfully assisting sellers with account reinstatement.


Our team stays up-to-date on Amazon's ever-changing policies and procedures.


We'll explain the process clearly and keep you informed throughout.

Our Amazon experts, led by our founder, Steven Pope, offer guidance and insights through our weekly YouTube AMAs and coaching calls

Cathy Barouch

Brand Director

Cathy Barouch brings a wealth of experience to her role as Brand Director at My Amazon Guy. With a background in ecommerce and brand management, Cathy has a proven track record of success in driving growth and visibility for brands on Amazon.

Prior to joining My Amazon Guy, Cathy served in key leadership roles, including as the Founder of Mystigrey, where she honed her skills in brand development and management. Before that, Cathy was the CEO & Co-Founder at Caterina Jewelry, where she led the company to success with her strategic vision and innovative approach.

Cathy’s expertise extends beyond ecommerce, as she is also a member of MJSA: Professional Excellence in Jewelry Making and Design, showcasing her commitment to excellence and continuous learning in the field.

John Lane

Brand Director

I bring a strong background in ecommerce operations management to My Amazon Guy. Previously, I served as the Operations Manager at Velex Corp. dba Gorilla Gym (later Gym1), where I oversaw our supply chain operations from China to the U.S. and Canada. I managed order fulfillment and led a dedicated customer service team. Additionally, I was responsible for managing our Amazon seller accounts in the U.S. and Canada, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Outside of my role at My Amazon Guy, I also dedicate time to coaching football at Boston College High School during the fall, where I bring my leadership and team-building skills to the field.

Benjamin Loya

Brand Director

As a Brand Manager at My Amazon Guy, I specialize in enhancing clients’ sales and visibility on the Amazon platform. Leveraging my expertise in Amazon Seller Central, social media strategies, and adept problem-solving skills, I oversee a portfolio of accounts and projects. My role encompasses the strategic planning, meticulous execution, and continuous optimization of product listings, advertising initiatives, and brand stores.

Prior to My Amazon Guy, I served as the IT Director at Proeduco del Bajio, a prominent education firm in Mexico. During my tenure, I spearheaded the organization’s digital transformation, introducing innovative solutions such as network infrastructure enhancements and system implementations to enhance the quality and efficiency of our educational services. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams and stakeholders, I ensured alignment of IT strategies with overarching business goals and objectives.

Jeffrey Lenz

Brand Director

Jeffrey is a seasoned e-commerce expert with over 10 years of experience in helping brands succeed on Amazon. As a Brand Director at My Amazon Guy, he leverages his data-driven approach and deep understanding of online marketplaces to develop and execute winning omnichannel strategies for our clients.

Jeffrey brings a wealth of knowledge in:

  • Brand Growth on Amazon: He has a proven track record of launching and growing brands on Amazon, utilizing his expertise in 1P and 3P operations.
  • Data-Driven Strategy Development: Jeffrey leverages data insights to craft effective channel strategies that optimize product visibility and sales for My Amazon Guy’s clients.
  • Omnichannel Expertise: He understands the importance of a cohesive omnichannel approach and develops strategies that reach customers across various touchpoints.
  • Compliance Focus: Jeffrey ensures adherence to Amazon’s ever-evolving policies and regulations, safeguarding the success of My Amazon Guy’s clients.

With his dedication to brand success and his strong grasp of the Amazon marketplace, Jeffrey is a valuable asset to My Amazon Guy, helping our clients flourish and achieve their Amazon sales goals.

Tony Chung

Brand Director

Tony is a results-oriented growth expert with a proven track record of generating leads, boosting revenue, and optimizing team performance for e-commerce businesses. He brings a data-driven approach to his role as Brand Director at My Amazon Guy, leveraging his expertise in digital marketing, sales, and operational efficiency.

Tony excels at:

  • Driving Customer Acquisition: He develops and executes comprehensive digital advertising and marketing strategies across all channels to generate qualified leads for My Amazon Guy.
  • Maximizing Sales Growth: Tony utilizes data analysis, forecasting, and KPI tracking to optimize sales strategies and drive top-line revenue for My Amazon Guy’s clients on Amazon.
  • Optimizing Team Efficiency: He fosters a high-performing team environment through project management, process improvement, and a coaching leadership style.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Tony leverages data analytics to build comprehensive performance trackers, measuring everything from brand growth to internal team performance, ensuring data-driven decision making across My Amazon Guy.

With his focus on results and his deep understanding of e-commerce, Tony plays a critical role in helping My Amazon Guy’s clients achieve their Amazon sales goals.

Jan Pao Montecillo

Director of Client-Success and Website Orders

Meet Jan Paolo Montecillo, our gaming virtuoso turned office hero! From pen-and-paper quests to tactical turn-based triumphs. He doesn’t just play games; he masters them, cracking their systems like a puzzle mastermind. But it doesn’t stop in the virtual realm! Jan’s game-changing work ethic and knack for system analysis have elevated our operations to epic levels. With a killer work ethic and his gaming superpowers,

Throughout his career, Jan Paolo has consistently demonstrated a strong ability to:

  • Lead and motivate teams: He has a proven track record of fostering high-performing teams and driving results.
  • Develop and implement operational strategies: Jan Paolo possesses a keen understanding of operational excellence and a talent for designing and implementing effective strategies.
  • Build strong client relationships: He is known for his client-centric approach and his commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Interests: Gaming

Noah Wickham

Brand Director

Noah Wickham started in eCommerce a decade ago, reselling on eBay and gradually expanding his knowledge base. Since then, he has worked with a variety of clients over several years, focusing on growth strategies, technology initiatives, product procurement, brand building, and SEO improvements. His expertise covers many areas of eCommerce, with a particular focus on Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify. Noah defines himself as a growth-centric leader and a client success advocate. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, video games, reading, and chess. Most Saturday nights, you can find him trying a new restaurant or exploring a different venue in his city.

A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

Shane Keyes

Brand Director

Shane is an Amazon marketing specialist at My Amazon Guy and attended Temple University’s Fox School of Business to pursue a degree in Marketing. 

A self-starter, Shane mastered Amazon’s intricacies through hands-on experience and rigorous self-guided research. Specializing in listing optimization and growth strategies, he excels at boosting BSR through Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to drive your brand’s success on Amazon. Shane’s rise at My Amazon Guy underscores his leadership ability and unwavering commitment to achieving a brand’s top priorities.

Beyond work, Shane’s passion lies in Philadelphia sports, with a history of participating in team sports like baseball and rugby.

A woman wearing glasses and a t-shirt who excels in account management.

Faith Denniston

Brand Director

I’m Faith, an Amazon marketing specialist obsessed with SEO, PPC, CTR, and the alchemy of conversions. With a data-driven approach, I help brands conquer the Amazon marketplace, turning clicks into customers.

When I’m not optimizing listings, you’ll find me in virtual worlds, exploring Final Fantasy XIV and diving into manga. I’m also a paranormal enthusiast, chasing ghostly tales in my spare time. Join me on this journey of digital dominance and otherworldly adventures!

A woman in glasses is posing for a photo for Amazon.

Roxanne Villanueva


Over 13 years of experience in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry Specializing in Customer Success and Sales for Telco, Tech, Finance and Ecommerce for both Start Up and Fortune 500 companies. 

An Inspirational Leader who loves to be where the action is, enjoys Creating Innovative Solutions to Complex Problems, Developing her People and Driving Engagement.

Interests: Traveling, Music and Spending time with Family


Kevin Sanderson

Vice President of Marketing

Kevin Sanderson is the Vice President of Marketing for My Amazon Guy. He graduated from Texas Tech University and has a wide range of experiencew including previously having worked for two Fortune 500 companies and a rapidly growing insurance agency. Kevin has been selling on Amazon since 2015 and is also the founder of Maximizing Ecommerce, a company that hosts popular virtual learning events like the Convert More Clicks Summit and the PPC Mastery Summit. He joined the team at My Amazon Guy after Maximizing Ecommerce by My Amazon Guy and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife and two children.

A young man wearing glasses and a checkered shirt expertly managing seller central on an online marketplace.

Thomas Fitzgibbons


Thomas graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL), receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Marketing and a Certification in Digital Marketing. He started his marketing career in the B2B industry, helping companies focus their internal marketing efforts on Website SEO, Website Content, Digital Advertising, and effective Email Marketing Campaigns. 


In 2020, Thomas shifted his career to eCommerce. As a self-starter, he learned the ins and outs of Amazon, Seller Central, and Shopify to help brands and sellers succeed in the digital world. Previously, he worked for an Amazon Marketing Agency as an Account Manager, assisting brands in growing and thriving on Amazon through his management. At MAG, Thomas serves as an Account Director, overseeing an extensive portfolio of 40 brands and managing a successful team of Brand Managers. Thomas provides leadership to his team and execution on high-level strategy for the brands in his portfolio. 

In his free time, Thomas enjoys golf, soccer, music, and taking his dog on hikes around the St. Louis area.

Kristen Lasch

Kristen Lasch


Kristen started her professional work on Amazon in 2018 as a professional seller and project-based Account Manager. She has ample knowledge of both Seller Central and Vendor Central. With a degree in Art & Design, Kristen has a passion for problem-solving and thinking outside the box. She loves to help grow accounts by unraveling underlying issues, organizing catalogs, and providing creative branding ideas. With an extensive background in customer experience, she is able to really dive into the mind of a customer regarding listing optimizations and how to market products appropriately. In her free time, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family and working on growing their own private label account.

I was fortunate to be part of MAG's first batch of its Advertising Internship Program. The timing was perfect for me as I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about Amazon PPC and at the same time to have hands-on training to work on accounts.  


When I started my internship, I listed down the things I wanted to learn. And I am happy to say that I've ticked all the boxes! My most favorite was "Optimization Using Bulk Files”. Bulk files and I, we did not get along at first, it was so scary seeing all those data! But I had a great mentor who guided me along the way. He patiently taught me step by step on how to process the data. He was very enthusiastic in answering all of my questions. He supported me until I gained the confidence in uploading my first, second, third (and so on) bulk uploads. 


The biggest advantage in working with MAG (and I must say one thing that I always look forward to every week) is its Weekly Ads Training. Every week, we discuss various topics about PPC. Interns/Ads Specialists/Ads Managers, we all share knowledge, information, and updates about PPC. During our discussions, we exchange ideas and feedback. It became an avenue not just to learn a skill, but also to clear any vague or ambiguous PPC topics. 


For me, the biggest disadvantage is the work schedule. As an Intern, I have to follow EST timing. The time difference from my location was only 8 hours, but being a morning person, I really struggled to keep myself awake. But if you are a night owl, then this will not be a problem for you.


So if you are considering joining the MAG Advertising Internship Program, my advice to you is to take action - APPLY NOW! The knowledge that you will gain and the skill that you will develop from this program will be invaluable. And who knows? From being an Intern, you might be the next one to be promoted as Jr. Ads Specialist! 

Maria Victoria Piedad

A man with a beard smiling in front of a marketplace.

Steven Bruning


Steven has over eight years of experience in Information Technology and specializes in conceptualizing and implementing data-driven solutions.Steven started his Amazon career in 2019, breaking onto the scene by developing retail arbitrage software tools and gaining an in-depth knowledge of the Amazon Seller Central platform and account management. Outside of work, Steven enjoys DJing, learning and teaching others about personal finance, spreadsheets, and most of all, spending time with his wife playing board games and walking local trails. Steven was a long-distance runner for many years, having run over 1,000 miles and completed a marathon and several half-marathons.
A bald man from My Amazon Guy, smiling in front of rocks.

Jason Mastromatteo

VP of Brand Management

Jason Mastromatteo started his professional Amazon career in 2014 breaking into the Amazon scene selling by means of RA and private labeling. He eventually took his Amazon knowledge and started consulting for other businesses, distributors, and retailers. Jason’s experience and extensive seller central & vendor central knowledge have helped him consistently manage and grow sales through his team at MAG. Jason has interests in music, videography, skateboarding, and is a competitive Magic the Gathering player.

Dustin Fenton

VP of Finance

Dustin Fenton is the VP of Finance at My Amazon Guy. He began his eCommerce career in 2013, graduated with a Bachelors of Science with a Minor in Business Administration in 2018, and began his career at My Amazon Guy in the Fall of 2019. Dustin is a seasoned veteran at My Amazon Guy who has risen through the ranks:
  • Started as an Amazon Specialist
  • Grew to a Successful Brand Manager
  • Became a successful Account Director and through Leadership Grew Others into the Role
  • Promoted to VP of Operations
  • Now Serves as VP of Finance – and Assists the Company in all Areas of Operations
He directs:
  • AR
  • AP
  • Cash Flow
  • Tax Management
  • Employee Benefits Enrollment
  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Strategic Management of Financial Operations
  • M&A
  • Transfer Pricing Agreements
  • Operational Matters in Relation to the Financial Health and Solvency of MAG
In his free time, Dustin enjoys:
  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • Extreme Weather Chasing
  • Learning and eCommerce Management
  • Retail arbitrage 
  • Spending time with friends and family
A man smiling in a blue circle, representing a marketplace seller central management.

Francisco Valadez


A graduate of Monterrey Tech (ITESM) in Mexico with a Bachelor’s in International Business, Francisco Valadez has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur involved in retail, wholesale, and private label projects. He has led companies from humble beginnings to successful acquisitions. Francisco got his start in eCommerce as part of a shoe company that sells through brick-and-mortar retail, department stores, and its own website. Most recently, Francisco fell down the Amazon rabbit hole while helping a company set up their own Amazon business. From that day on, Francisco has been 100% focused on Amazon retail. He has ample experience in Seller Central, and has proven his understanding of successful strategies to grow a brand’s online retail presence. Outside of work, Francisco loves sports, cooking, reading, listening to vinyl records, and most of all, spending time with his wife and daughters. He coaches in both English and Spanish, and leads the Hispanic team in our agency
A woman in glasses is smiling in a circle while managing her seller central account on a marketplace.

Kristen Dixon


Meet Kristen Dixon, a seasoned Amazon e-commerce expert with nearly 8 years of experience. Kristen is not just a master of the online marketplace; she’s a passionate advocate for helping clients and employees reach their full potential. Her journey in e-commerce isn’t just about transactions; it’s about building relationships, both professionally and personally.

What truly sets Kristen apart is her innate desire to see others succeed. Her clients trust her not just for her e-commerce expertise but for her ability to guide them towards their own success stories. As a mentor to her employees, she nurtures their talents and encourages them to reach new heights. Kristen is not just dedicated to her craft but is equally committed to fostering growth in those she interacts with.

Kristen leads a fulfilling life as a mother of two children and a proud owner of a lively Goldendoodle. Family is her anchor and her “why.” The love she pours into her work is mirrored in her home life. She proudly leads a multifaceted life, where her love for family, sports, and a deep passion for helping others intersect in harmony. Kristen is a true example of how one person can make a lasting impact, both in the digital realm and in the lives of those she touches.

A man with a beard and sunglasses, working as an "Amazon guy", involved in marketing management for Amazon.

Nick Nido


Holding a masters degree in electronic engineering from MIT with a bachelors in business management, Nick has 15+ years experience in ecommerce business and technology operations. Nick has gained a significant amount of his Amazon experience while launching his own store on Amazon with it being so successful it was later acquired by an conglomerate 3 years later.  

An bearded man marketing on the Amazon Marketplace.

Steven Pope


Steven founded My Amazon Guy to help clients grow faster on Amazon. After serving on the corporate side as a marketing manager and eCommerce director for nearly a decade, Steven started teaching businesses how to leverage the largest eCommerce platform and logistics network in the world. The Grand Master of Amazon knowledge, Steven is a thought leader with more than 1500+ videos of free content where he gives away all his trade secrets away. Steven oversees marketing and sales. Mr. Pope is an eagle scout, has an MBA from Western Governor’s University, and a BS from Weber State University. Read what My Amazon Guy employees say it’s like to work for Steven.