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Amazon Listing Miscategorization

Are your Amazon listings currently listed under a category that does not match your product? Have you ever attempted changing the category yourself but was unsuccessful? My Amazon Guy can help!
My Amazon Guy Miscategorization Service Consists of the Following:
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Miscategorization Service for $500:

Frequently Asked Questions

If your listing is a β€œToy” but have been incorrectly listed under β€œTools & Home Improvement” category, your listing will not show up in the search page when customers looking for β€œToys” and your sales could be significantly hurt by this.
This could have been caused by the initial set up of the listing where the sellers have incorrectly selected the wrong category. Or Amazon could’ve decide to move your listing into another category that they think your product belongs in.

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

No longer do you have to face the confusing and often frustrating troubleshooting with Amazon on getting your category changed. My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience behind us. We know have the correct action plan for your account and know how to correct it. My Amazon Guy has you covered!