How to Create Parentage on Vendor Central

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How to Create Parentage on Vendor Central

If you have ever worked on both Seller Central and Vendor Central, the first thing you’ll notice is that Vendor Central doesn’t offer quite as much freedom as Seller Central. There are a less features and the UI is not so user friendly. This is especially true with more advanced actions such as adding variations and submitting compliance documents. We’re here to makes things a little easier. Below you will find a quick guide on how to create a parentage or add variation on Vendor Central.

A parentage is a grouping of product variations. Products that are identical except for one distinguishing feature such as size or color can be grouped together in one listing. Seller Central has a Variation feature that makes creating parentages easy. In Vendor Central, it is not so clear.

#1 – Log into Vendor Central and Click on ‘Support’

Since Vendor Central doesn’t have a variation feature, you will need to submit the changes via a ticket to Vendor Support.

create parentage on vendor central 

#2 – Click on ‘View Resource Center’

The Resource Center will provide a template document you will need to fill out and upload to Vendor Support

resource center amazon vendor central variations help support create creation

#3 – Click on ‘Download this Document’ under ‘Variation Sheet’

An Excel document will download that you can edit.

variation sheet amazon vendor central parentage document

#4 – Follow the example template and fill in the Variation Sheet.

Fill in each section within the red box. Not all of the columns will apply to the items you are submitting so you can leave those blank. List each parentage in succession and assign each a number. Apply that number to each Child ASIN within the parentage. You will then choose the variations of each child. A list of valid values is available in the example section. Finally, enter the name of the variation that you have entered, whether it is a size or color or other.

amazon variation sheet example template parentage

#5 – Return to the Support page from Step 1 and click ‘Contact Us’

Once you have filled out the variation sheet, you will need to return to the support page from earlier. Below the Resource Center link there is a link to the ‘Contact Us’ section. This will bring up the feature where you can submit help tickets.

contact us vendor support amazon parentage

#6 – Under ‘Manage My Catalog’ click on ‘Variation – Twister’

There are several different categories of tickets you can submit. You will need the ticket that will get you in touch with the team in charge of variations. This ticket is found under ‘Manage My Catalog’. Click on ‘Variation – Twister’.

manage my catalog variation twister amazon parentage

#7 – Click on ‘Send an Email’

A message will appear explaining how variations are automatically created on Vendor Central. However, the variations they create are not perfect. Often you will need to edit the parentages in order to get the right products grouped together. Click ‘Send an Email’ to bring up the page that will allow you to create a ticket with the support team.

contact us amazon send an email support contact

#8 – Fill in the Subject line and enter in list of ASIN

There are certain boxes that are required to fill before you can submit the ticket. You must enter in the list of ASIN that will be editing with you variation sheet. Simply copy and paste the list from your template.

vendor support amazon help contact us

#9 – Fill in the body paragraph asking Vendor Support to create a parentage using the template, attach the variation sheet, and enter your email. Once you’re done click ‘Submit’

Add a simple message in the description section asking them to make the changes you are submitting. You will then need to attach the variations sheet that you created. Don’t forget to enter in your email so that they can reach out to you with confirmation or to ask for more information.

variation parentage amazon vendor central

After the ticket has been submitted, Vendor Support will create the parentage using the edited variation sheet that you uploaded. They will respond within 24 hours to either confirm the changes have been made or give you further instructions on how to correctly submit the changes.

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