Culture Index

Culture Index is a behavioral assessment tool designed to analyze and measure the unique cultural dynamics within an organization. It focuses on identifying the innate qualities, work styles, and behaviors of individuals to help leaders make better-informed decisions related to hiring, team building, and overall company management. The tool is based on the idea that people possess inherent and unchangeable traits that affect their job performance and compatibility within a specific organizational culture.

The following are key tenets of Culture Index and how they can assist a leader in running their company effectively:

1. Individual Assessment: Culture Index begins with assessing individuals within the organization. It measures various aspects, including communication style, decision-making tendencies, problem-solving approach, energy level, self-motivation, response to authority, and response to rules. These assessments provide objective data about an individual’s natural strengths, limitations, and preferred work environments.

2. Cultural Alignment: Culture Index enables leaders to identify the dominant cultural patterns within their company. It highlights the shared traits, preferences, and values of employees, helping leaders understand the prevailing organizational culture. By assessing the compatibility between individual traits and the desired company culture, leaders can make informed decisions about hiring, team composition, and cultural fit.

3. Hiring and Selection: The assessment data obtained through Culture Index can guide leaders in making better hiring decisions. By comparing candidates’ profiles with the ideal traits and behaviors for a specific role and cultural fit, leaders can identify candidates who are more likely to excel in their positions and align with the company culture. This reduces the chances of mis-hires and improves the overall quality of the workforce.

4. Team Building: Culture Index helps leaders create more effective teams by analyzing the compatibility and complementary traits among team members. By understanding the diverse strengths and weaknesses of individuals, leaders can form teams with a balanced skill set, enhance collaboration, and reduce conflicts. This leads to higher productivity and improved team dynamics.

5. Management and Communication: The assessment results from Culture Index provide leaders with insights into how to communicate and manage individuals more effectively. By understanding the preferred communication styles and motivational factors of employees, leaders can tailor their approach to bring out the best in each person. This improves employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall performance.

6. Succession Planning and Development: Culture Index can aid leaders in identifying high-potential employees and designing personalized development plans. By recognizing the unique traits and potential growth areas of individuals, leaders can nurture and promote talent within the organization. This facilitates effective succession planning and ensures a pipeline of capable leaders.

7. Conflict Resolution: With an understanding of individuals’ natural behavioral tendencies and communication styles, leaders can better navigate and resolve conflicts within the organization. By addressing differences in a manner that aligns with individuals’ preferences, leaders can foster a more harmonious and productive work environment.


In summary, Culture Index provides leaders with valuable insights into the innate qualities, work styles, and cultural dynamics of individuals within their organization. By leveraging this information, leaders can make data-driven decisions in hiring, team building, management, and development, ultimately fostering a more engaged, productive, and harmonious workplace.

Our Amazon Agency uses Culture Index in every way mentioned above. If you’re curious and want to take a survey yourself you can click here. It is part of our hiring process and is step 1 to to start your application process. You can apply to work at our Full Service Amazon Agency at


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