New Amazon Tool: Automated Stranded Relister to Fix Inventory



Automated Stranded Relister to Fix Inventory

This new tool is a God send from Amazon. If it does what it intends to do, it will automate getting stranded inventory back live. I’ve been working the Seller Central platform for years, and items get stuck in stranded all the time. More often than not due to Amazon FBA issues, or catalog problems.


Why Does Amazon Inventory Strand? (Become unsellable)

Inventory can become stranded for a variety of reasons. For example, the listing for that product may have been suppressed or may have never been created, resulting in stored inventory that is accumulating storage fees but that can’t be sold because the listing is not active.


What’s new for Amazon stranded?

• The Date classified as unsellable column shows a deadline for relisting or removing inventory to prevent it from becoming unsellable.
• Click Delay unsellable classification to gain 30 more days to appeal or fix stranded inventory issues before inventory is classified as unsellable.
• Automatic relist and Automatic change to FBA are now available. You can configure settings by clicking Edit automatic-action settings just above.
• To avoid having inventory automatically relisted or changed to FBA, select Opt out of auto action in the drop-down arrows to the right of each listing. Another way to do this is by changing the Start selling date/Offer start date.

Best way to Load Image Links to Amazon via Excel Template

If you have dozens of skus or more to load to Amazon either via Seller Central or Vendor Central, you will benefit greatly from some data management techniques. Loading photos via links is often the easiest and best solution.

If you own your own website:

If you are a private labeler you may not have your own website. If you do have your own website you can easily link to the images from there. Be sure to link to the image file, not the webpage.

If you don’t own a domain

If you don’t own your own website or domain, I recommend using imgur. There’s a specific way to do this. Upload the image like normal at
After you upload… On the image once uploaded right click and view in new tab. Save that link url in Google sheet on sku it is for. The right click view in new tab links directly to the image Instead of the social profile.

If you load the bad example it will fail to load to Amazon.

If you use the good example, it will however.

Another benefit to this is you keep a data file of all images by sku. So that went Amazon’s catalog inevitabily bugs or doesn’t show your assets, you can easily reload. Additionally if you ever need to swap an image, or add another to the list of currently loaded, you can do so in mass easily.

If after loading your images, you may still need to ticket Amazon to get them to reflect on the front end. Easy to file, but tactical 3-5 mins per ASIN. We at MyAmazonGuy manage this all the time for clients should your catalog needs arise.

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