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Enhanced Brand Content for Amazon – Tips, Tricks, and Keywords

When building enhanced content on Amazon, the primary goal is to gain traffic to a listing, invariably leading to increased sales. It is far easier to build traffic to a particular listing than improve the conversion rate of the current traffic and far less costly.


It is important to include around 1000 words of copy, positioned in multiple locations on each listing. The simplest way to approach this is by using a pyramid method and keeping the most essential and unique information at the top. Unique information may include a particular flavor, scent, or color of a product and explain why it’s the best.

Next, work down with more general information, including category details. There may be multiple products and variations, but why should a prospective buyer purchase this category? Tell them! Company brand stories and other material can follow.

Using this structure will effectively build a template of content that you can duplicate across all listings, with minimal changes needed in the future.

The Impact of A+ content


Adding keywords into a listing is vital. Stuffing the headline with these may be more obvious, but there’s tremendous value behind each photo.

Although there is no record of Amazon publicly announcing they use alt text to index products, thorough testing at My Amazon Guy, with hundreds of clients selling thousands of products, makes it abundantly clear that they do.

Make use of this opportunity, in the 100 or so characters of alt text of an image, to include common misspellings, synonyms, and foreign language terms, because they’re not visible to the public but will improve your ranking. There is no need to duplicate these unique keywords in other locations – as one iteration is enough to index you.

Size Matters

Take up as much space as possible. The primary reason for this is to get rid of outside noise – chiefly sponsored products by competitors. They pose a threat to your sales, and by pushing them away, you are leveraging your product. It’s also wise to make up a product grid within your space with comparison products at different rates as it can gain vast additional upsell value. 

Customize Templates

Different sellers have different assets, so using a generic template from seller central or vendor central will not be tailored to any specific product or range. For example, you might want to use large and small photos, but the standard template may require a medium image. By building a custom template, you can position and manipulate your modules for optimal aesthetic and leverage, with the added benefit of saving you extra work in the future.

Enhanced Content Goals

Initially, when launching, you’ll rank for nothing. Your primary goal then should be to rank for as many indexed keywords as possible as quickly as possible. Rather than spending a fortune on advertising, build organic content through enhanced content, A+ content, or EDC on seller central. 

The secondary aim should be to increase your rankings on those keywords to try and show up on page 1. Any keyword in positions 10 through 20 is your opportunity zone and will drive traffic to your product, ultimately increasing sales. 

It’s crucial to understand that enhanced content is built for traffic and not conversion, so, in that regard, choose sanity over vanity.

Want traffic conversion tips?

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For me, the biggest disadvantage is the work schedule. As an Intern, I have to follow EST timing. The time difference from my location was only 8 hours, but being a morning person, I really struggled to keep myself awake. But if you are a night owl, then this will not be a problem for you.


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