How to Set Up an Amazon EU Seller Account to Sell in Europe

Europe is the second-largest Amazon market and now you have the opportunity to sell your product in all of the major countries. Amazon now offers a discounted subscription fee of €39.99 by linking all of the EU accounts together. You will no longer have to pay a fee for every region account in the EU. Follow the steps below to set up and link your Amazon EU accounts.

Linking accounts

Linking accounts unifies your selling experience across Amazon’s international marketplaces and lets you more easily manage and scale your global business. Along with providing single sign-on, linking accounts gives you a single view of sales, orders, and buyer messages from all of your countries. You also gain access to tools previously restricted to a single country, as well as our discounted international selling plan.


How to link your accounts

LINK EXISTING ACCOUNTS: If you are already selling in multiple countries or regions — for example, Europe and North America — and you want to link those accounts:

  1. Sign in to Seller Central from any of your country or regional accounts and select Sell Globally from the Inventory drop-down menu.
  2. Click the tab of the country or region where you want to link accounts.
  3. Select the I have a selling account option for the country or region you want to link.
  4. Click Link accounts.
  5. When prompted to sign in again, enter the email and password of the second country or region.

REGISTER AND LINK NEW ACCOUNT: If you are new to selling in a country or region — for example, Europe — and you want to register and link accounts:

  1. Sign in to Seller Central in a country or region where you are already selling and select Sell Globallyfrom the Inventory drop-down menu.
  2. Click the tab of the country or region where you want to register and link accounts.
  3. Select the Create a selling account option for the country or region where you want to register.
  4. If asked to sign in again, use the email and password for the region where you are already selling.
  5. Complete the registration by providing additional details, if asked. Your new account will be linked automatically when you are finished.

How to Launch Amazon Products in Europe in 2019

How to sell in Europe Amazon 2019

Launching Amazon Products in Europe is easier now than ever before. Launch in Europe to grow your customer base and brand recognition!

There are five European Marketplaces: UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

Here are the five steps to being ready to launch across the Atlantic in 2019:

1. Obtain a VAT in UK. (This can be done through companies like Regional Express or Regional Shipping and typically takes 2-3 weeks.)
2. Create an Amazon Europe Account.
3. Create your listings.
4. Ship inventory FBA to UK.
5. The products will ship to all 5 European Marketplaces from there through a program called Pan-EU Fulfillment. A prime badge is awarded.


– New, global customer base
– Get your feet in emerging markets
– Additional top-level sales
– Can price however you’d like
– You can be a US entity with a US Bank account

– Cross-border fees
– VAT registration fees
– European Consumption Tax at 20%
– Monthly account fee
– European trademark (Optional)

– You do not need a European Entity, but you will be paying quarterly taxes that can be outsourced to a tax consultant.
– You do not need a European bank account. You can use your US bank account.
– The 5 Amazon European marketplaces are used by the entire continent.
– Listing items in Europe can be tricky due to translations and EU regulations. Example: Medical Claims have to always be backed up in Europe.
– Use tools like to translate copy over to other languages.
– Brand registry setup is the same as in the US except you need a European Trademark that can be obtained through a company like Avast.

– Germany is the biggest marketplace, followed by the UK.

– Since there is a 20% across all of Europe as duties in a consumption tax, you can generally raise the price of your product up 20% to negate this cost. The European customers are generally understanding.
– If you’re selling supplements or topical items, you will need to clear a category gating. This is normally solved by providing images of the box along with a Certificate of Analysis.
– There is a monthly fee for Amazon Euro that covers all 5 marketplaces.Amazon Europe

Amazon has representatives that can help you with this process. One of the reps is Krista Tse ([email protected]).

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