Should I Use Exact Match for SEO?

A fan asks: To my knowledge, the purpose of exact match campaigns is to help rank your organic listing to the first page of your main keywords. Perhaps, you are successful. Your organic listing ranks up to the first page of the keywords you are promoting. 

Do you still need to continue advertising for those keywords, or do you permanently pause that campaign and work on ranking for other keywords?

Answer: I spent $5,000 on broad match “Gifts for mom” and got to organic rank 1 48 hours before mother’s day on this listing within the first 30 days of launching it: Mom Box Spa Gift Set.

You can go for an exact match to help get to the top 10 ranks of a particular keyword. But if you pause ads it will slip. If ads are the reason it ranked, you will need to maintain ads to keep it ranked. If you watch this banned glass series you will see how I went from #1 wine glass to top 40 when Ads got banned.

There’s no right or wrong answer on whether to maintain every keyword you are advertising on. You need to start with the goal and work backwards. If the ACOS is good, leave it on. If the ACOS is unbearable start pulling it back and see what happens. If the keyword you have an exact match on is in the ICAP funnel, you might want to keep it on. 

The #1 Ranked Glass BANNED from Advertising – My Best Seller on Amazon FBA – “WINE” Removed

00:00 – Introduction What is Happening?
0:40 – Sales of Wine glass impacts
1:17 – Advertising Policy on Amazon “unfair policy”
1:40 – Response in the case from Amazon 2:05 – Changes taken
2:37 – Actions to Recover
3:17 – Suggestions tried from Viewers
3:56 – Unfair items ranked due to policy (How to handle this?)
4:47 – Learn from troubleshooting with My Amazon Guy

Amazon PPC

How do I improve my PPC ads?

To improve PPC ads, one should focus on several key areas. It is important to ensure that the ad copy is compelling and relevant to the product. Highlight the product’s unique features and benefits and use strong calls to action to encourage clicks. Incorporate positive customer reviews and use high-quality product images to increase credibility and persuade potential customers to click on the ad. 

Tricks to Ease Your Amazon Woes

ICAP Marketing Funnel

The best way to increase your market share on Amazon is to increase your:

These resources below can help you! In your Seller Central account, go to the Search Query Report and follow the below recommendations.

Steps to Use the ICAP Marketing Funnel:

  1. Ensure that the list of ASINs you are using matches the overall criteria for this phase: 
    • Mature indexed listings which are currently eligible for phase 3 SEO 
  2. Next access the search query index portal 
  3. Choose the Eligible Brand for the Listings which you are optimizing for
  4. Select Report Range as Monthly, Select the current Year, & Select the previous Month
  5. The metric we will be sorting by will be “rank” best to worst (a rank of 1-50 is the focus point)  
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