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Executive Assistant Jobs

My Amazon Guy is actively looking for an Executive Assistant with exceptional English and a good command of technology to join our team. Daily tasks involve providing high level administrative support to executives in the workplace, such as taking calls, scheduling meetings, managing executive requests, and other duties.

My Amazon Guy is a growing digital marketing agency with over 400 employees and clients! We are engaging, rewarding, and innovative. Our company aims to grow sales while giving our clients the peace of mind that everything on Amazon is taken care of.

Executive Assistant Jobs

Executive Assistant FAQs


  • Identify project roadblocks and report immediately to the Brand Manager and/or other team members who may be affected by the problem.
  • Liaise with other colleagues at MAG to ensure that we serve our clients to the best of our abilities.
  • Regularly check Client Project boards and Guild boards to ensure that tasks are worked on and addressed.
  • Delegate tasks according to team members to ensure that everybody has enough to work on and that all team members have enough tasks to work on for the entire day.
  • Report to the Brand Manager when the team is in need of more tasks.
  • Learn proper sheet management and apply tech savviness to get the job done as efficiently as possible.
  • Produce Sales and Advertising Reports.
  • Assist with catalog merchandising and/or troubleshooting tasks with proficiency. This includes manual updates, uploads, and flat files when personal task bandwidth is low.
  • Report team productivity to Brand Managers.
  • Distribute the load of work to the team members and assign them to the correct specialists.
  • Hold team members accountable for assigned tasks and task completion.
  • Assist with SEO-related reports to deliver to the client. Must be able to work with our company tools to produce and revise copy based on clients’ requests.
  • Learn Amazon Compliance to assist the team QA in reviewing deliveries. Ensure that task management steps are aligned with MAG’s best practices.


  • Demonstrates ability to work independently and prior experience of doing virtual assistance and project management related tasks.
  • Proactive with excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrable success in managing complex and multifaceted projects
  • Problem-solving skills
  • G Suite, Asana and Amazon experience is a plus!

Other requirements for this position:

  • Laptop or Desktop with RAM minimum: 8GB 
  • Dual Monitor Set-up
  • Working headset and video camera
  • A suitable work-from-home space
  • Internet connection: 25 Mbps minimum
  • Excellent command of the English language, both spoken and written
  • Willingness to work full-time (40 hours/week) EST
  • Working knowledge of Google Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides) and productivity and project management tools/apps
  • Preferably experienced with online/remote/virtual work.
  • 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day
  • Competitive salary base
  • Permanent WFH setup
  • Unlimited FREE access to MAG School courses and SOP Library!
  • Work schedule is in EST (Monday-Friday only)
  • Opportunities for professional development and career advancement


  • Monday to Friday
  • 8:30 a.m – 5 p.m EST


  • Opportunity to work remotely
  • An international and diverse atmosphere
  • The chance to grow and learn from a strong leadership team
  • A competitive salary base
  • Continuous learning


Plenty of Learning Opportunities

Work from Home

Room to Grow within the Company

Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff

Creative Freedom

Flexible Work Hours

Fun & Collaborative Atmosphere

My Amazon Guy offers comprehensive seller central management and marketing management services. With My Amazon Guy as your partner, you can expect expert guidance and support in growing your business on the Amazon platform. Our team of

Why Work At My Amazon Guy?

We love to hear from our employees every year through the employee satisfaction survey to make sure we’re providing the best possible work environment for them. Here are the latest results from January 2023.

Do you have the tools to do your job?

Do you have the tools to do your job 2023

Would you recommend working at My Amazon Guy?

Would you recommend working at My Amazon Guy 2023

Do you have the tools to do your job?

Do you have the tools to do your job 2023

Would you recommend working at My Amazon Guy?

Would you recommend working at My Amazon Guy 2023

Employees Come First

Many companies put clients or customers at the top of their pyramid. At My Amazon Guy we put employees first, and fire clients who disrespect our staff. We invest in people long term.

“Employees are critical to us. It is on Ownership and Management to support every layer above them.”
– Steven Pope, Founder

Not convinced? You can ask our current employees if we live up to this vision. They will tell you, we do.

Internships in My Amazon Guy

Work at My Amazon Guy

We want you to be part of our growing team. My Amazon Guy is one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the USA with more than 400 employees from around the world. 

Apply for a Designer position by following these steps:

I was fortunate to be part of MAG's first batch of its Advertising Internship Program. The timing was perfect for me as I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about Amazon PPC and at the same time to have hands-on training to work on accounts.  


When I started my internship, I listed down the things I wanted to learn. And I am happy to say that I've ticked all the boxes! My most favorite was "Optimization Using Bulk Files”. Bulk files and I, we did not get along at first, it was so scary seeing all those data! But I had a great mentor who guided me along the way. He patiently taught me step by step on how to process the data. He was very enthusiastic in answering all of my questions. He supported me until I gained the confidence in uploading my first, second, third (and so on) bulk uploads. 


The biggest advantage in working with MAG (and I must say one thing that I always look forward to every week) is its Weekly Ads Training. Every week, we discuss various topics about PPC. Interns/Ads Specialists/Ads Managers, we all share knowledge, information, and updates about PPC. During our discussions, we exchange ideas and feedback. It became an avenue not just to learn a skill, but also to clear any vague or ambiguous PPC topics. 


For me, the biggest disadvantage is the work schedule. As an Intern, I have to follow EST timing. The time difference from my location was only 8 hours, but being a morning person, I really struggled to keep myself awake. But if you are a night owl, then this will not be a problem for you.


So if you are considering joining the MAG Advertising Internship Program, my advice to you is to take action - APPLY NOW! The knowledge that you will gain and the skill that you will develop from this program will be invaluable. And who knows? From being an Intern, you might be the next one to be promoted as Jr. Ads Specialist! 

Maria Victoria Piedad