Can you Change your Amazon Seller Name? Yes, You Can!

My Amazon Guy

You can in fact change your Seller Central Amazon Seller Name. You can even change the business legal name and tax ID structure. To do this, follow these steps or watch my video:

    1. Open Seller Central
    2. Go to Settings & Click Account Info
    3. Click “Your Seller Profile” or click here: Seller Information
    4. Make sure you are logged in as the main account admin holder so you have privileges to make changes.
    5. Hit edit on on store details. 
    6. Change your Display name (must be done for each country you are selling in)

How to Change Your Amazon Seller Central Seller Name

To change Amazon seller name, Log into your seller central account. On the “Settings” menu, select “Account Info” then “Edit” the “Seller Information”

If you need help making this change, you can hire me for an hour, and I would be happy to assist you. I also specialize in helping wholesalers & manufacturers, launching on Amazon for the first time, as well as help current sellers scale their programs through advertising, listing optimization, and product launches.

Here is the full transcript of the video for your reference:

Hi my name is Steven Pope and I’m from MyAmazonGuy.com.  In this video I will be showing you how to change your seller central name on Amazon. 

Yes, you can change your seller name on Amazon Seller Central. Let me show you how to do that.

  • You go into Amazon Seller Central, login, then go to settings, click account info, click on seller profile on the left, you’ll notice that it loads every marketplace that you’re on. So, if you’re in multiple countries, you’ll have to repeat this process multiple times.
  • Click on edit for the store detail. So, I’m clicking on the American marketplace. You’ll notice here that I’ve got my seller name filled in there, Meliora Goods, and you can even set up your storefront link right there.
  • So, if I wanted to change this to any store name, I want to list it right there and hit submit. You’re done.

Now, where does this merchant name display, and why is this important, you might be asking? Great question. Let’s go over it.

So let’s say, I was searching on amazon.com for an “apple slicer,” and I clicked to see the offers for this product, you’ll notice here that’s highlighted in the stock section, it ships and sold by amazon.com. So most consumers, let’s be honest, don’t care whom they buy a generic item like this from. But, if you’re buying something brand-specific, consumers try to make sure it’s straight from the brand manufacturer (e.g., that GoPro sells a GoPro). In this instance with an apple slicer, I don’t care who makes it, I just want an apple slicer, and I want it cheap.

Well, if you’re buying vitamins, and you see Apple Slicer Inc, as the seller name, but you see a list of other people, you might be buying from someone else, which in turn could hurt your conversion rates. If your conversion rates go down, or your seller experience goes down, then you lose the buy box, your buy box percentage goes down, especially if you’re selling items that other people are also selling – that’s why the right seller name might have a significant impact.

So, that’s in essence, why it’s important – because, if you change what you’re selling, you may need a broader name. So, I really like the story on Shark Tank about the GoPro guy, so he has a very generic brand name, if he had chosen a particular name, it would have been hard to scale his brand, so I recommend that when you’re first starting out, create a business name that’s generic, so that you can scale in multiple directions, and your amazon storefront name does not necessarily have to be your legal name, it could be a DBA of anything you’re choosing, so I’m not going to show you in this video, but you also can change your tax information for your legal name amazon (not the business display name described above), pretty much the same process, if you need to do that to sell a business. You can transfer that account as well, totally possible.