How to Clear Pesticides Gating Amazon Seller Central (Answer Key)

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What Is Pesticides Gating

“Pesticides gating” likely refers to the process Amazon uses to restrict or gate certain products or categories related to pesticides. This process is designed to ensure that sellers comply with Amazon’s policies and regulations regarding the sale of these products, which are often subject to strict government regulations due to their potential health and environmental impacts.

When a product or category is “gated,” it means that sellers must meet specific requirements and provide documentation to prove that they are authorized to sell these products. This can include certifications, licenses, or other documentation demonstrating compliance with legal requirements. If a seller fails to meet these requirements, they may be unable to list or sell products in the gated category.

The gating process is intended to protect consumers and the environment by ensuring that only qualified sellers are able to sell potentially hazardous products like pesticides.

Why Sellers Need to Clear Pesticides Gating on Amazon

  • Unexpected Gating: Pesticides gating can appear randomly on products that seem unrelated, causing confusion for sellers.
  • Two Options: Sellers can either navigate Amazon’s complex modules or visit Steven’s website for all the test answers in text form.
  • Sensible Approach: Steven advises focusing on passing the test efficiently rather than contesting it with Amazon’s catalog team.
  • Avoiding Competition: Steven suggests not trying to compete with Amazon’s gating process, as it is not worth the effort.

How to Clear Pesticide Gating

Link to take test This link will allow you to clear pesticide gating preemptively. Otherwise need to be flagged before you can complete module.

Module Answers

Module 1

  • Question 1: False

Module 2

  • Question 1: All but the Bacteria on the Human Hands
  • Question 2: Sanitizes
  • Question 3: All but Hand Sanitizer
  • Question 4: All but Rat Poison
  • Question 5: False
  • Question 6: 2

Module 3

  • Question 1: Ensure that the weed killer has an EPA Registration Number
  • Question 2: Producing

Module 4

  • Question 1: Nontoxic
  • Question 2: All but the image of the pest
  • Question 3: It does not list the products active ingredients 

Module 5

  • Question 1: Any Certified Applicator

Module 6

  • Question 1: The label must not make false or misleading claims

Module 7

  • Question 1: Wooden Fence post treated with pesticide
  • Question 2: All but ‘the statement chemical free”
  • Question 3: Repels mosquitos that carry malaria

Module 8

  • Question 1: A pesticide intended for sale or distribution in a foreign country
  • Question 2: All but “be accompanied by an informational pamphlet” and “be labeled in the language of the country where it was produced” 
  • Question 3: All but Importing a pesticide that meets FIFRA requirements

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