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How to Clear Pesticides Gating Amazon Seller Central (Answer Key)

How to Clear Pesticide Gating

Link to take test link will allow you to clear pesticide gating preemptively. Otherwise need to be flagged before you can complete module.

Module Answers

Module 1

  • Question 1: False

Module 2

  • Question 1: All but the Bacteria on the Human Hands
  • Question 2: Sanitizes
  • Question 3: All but Hand Sanitizer
  • Question 4: All but Rat Poison
  • Question 5: False
  • Question 6: 2

Module 3

  • Question 1: Ensure that the weed killer has an EPA Registration Number
  • Question 2: Producing

Module 4

  • Question 1: Nontoxic
  • Question 2: All but the image of the pest
  • Question 3: It does not list the products active ingredients 

Module 5

  • Question 1: Any Certified Applicator

Module 6

  • Question 1: The label must not make false or misleading claims

Module 7

  • Question 1: Wooden Fence post treated with pesticide
  • Question 2: All but β€˜the statement chemical free”
  • Question 3: Repels mosquitos that carry malaria

Module 8

  • Question 1: A pesticide intended for sale or distribution in a foreign country
  • Question 2: All but β€œbe accompanied by an informational pamphlet” and β€œbe labeled in the language of the country where it was produced” 
  • Question 3: All but Importing a pesticide that meets FIFRA requirements