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How to Open a New Seller Central Account After Suspension

What do I do if My Account is Suspended Permanently?

Every Successful Amazon Seller dreads being suspended. While there are a wide variety of ways to appeal a suspension, there are times that a seller simply cannot get the account reinstated. This article and video gives suggestions, ideas, and tricks to set up a new Amazon selling account without flagging Amazon.Β 

First Idea:

  1. Open a New Account.Β 
  2. Open a new LLC for your business. This LLC can be a subsidiary of your existing business. For example, if business 1 is suspended by Amazon, you can create business 2 which can be owned by business 1 and still sell on Amazon.Β 
  3. A unique bank account, credit card, e-mail, phone number, and tax information is needed.Β  A Google Voice number could be used if you do not want to create a new cell phone number.Β 
  4. Make sure you are not using the same static IP address associated with the suspended account. If all these things check out, you should not run into any issues with the new account.

Second Idea:

  1. Purchase an existing Amazon selling account.Β 
  2. There are various platforms where you can purchase existing seller accounts.Β 
  3. This option can be very expensive. Going through a broker, purchasing the business and inventory can cost upwards of $200,000. This would not be a great fit for many users, but we like to include it as an option on the table.Β 
  4. We are suggesting to buy an existing business with verifiable tax infrastructure for this idea.Β 

Third Idea:Β 

  1. Write and explain the situation.
  2. Average wait time is 45 days.
  3. This rarely works, but we have seen it succeed on occasion.Β 


There are no guarantees when an account is suspended, however, the three ideas above can work when applied correctly with a little bit of luck on your side! As always if you need any help with your Amazon account we are here to help! Book a consulting call with MyAmazonGuy today!Β