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Lower PPC ACOS with NEW Main Image – Improve CTR with PickFu πŸ…°οΈπŸ…±οΈ Testing

First Impressions
On Amazon search result pages, first impressions matter. There are millions of products for sale, and making yours stand out is crucial. If your advertising cost is too high, you may want to consider the last time you looked at your main image. A/B testing your main photo can make a significant difference in sales and advertising costs.

Let’s use a soap product for further explanation. The example below shows the beginning of an interesting journey of extensive testing to see how a final image was chosen.

One of the tests run, simply showing the gift box in the shot, resulted in a difference of only 54 – 46. But even what seems like an insignificant eight-point swing could result in a one or two-percent conversion or click-through rate change. What that means is even a subtle win can be mighty.

The test was taken further with a simple layout change, with one displayed in a plus sign and the other in a square. The square layout won 66 – 34.

What to Avoid
A big mistake, which will result in defunct data, is changing two variables at once. It’s critical to pick one variable at a time during testing. To prove that, in this instance, the labels and the layout were changed, resulting in a 12 point swing.

After re-running this test with only a layout change, the results flipped on their head at 68 – 32, a massive 36 point difference.

Develop Success from Failures
The most significant swing was on two images – one with labels on the soaps and the other without. Labeled soaps won 90 to 10, showing how critical something seemingly mundane affects a potential customer.