PPC AMA With Destaney Wishon

Amazon Expert

Hi I’m Steven, Founder of My Amazon Guy, a 500+ person Amazon Seller Central agency out of Atlanta, GA. We Growth Hack eCommerce and Marketplaces through PPC, SEO, Design, and Catalog Management.

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 00:00 PPC AMA with Better AMS Destaney Wishon
10:00 Introduction of Destaney Wishon
10:35 What does BetterAMS do
11:00 Under Amazon Brand Analytics – are there any pages that you like to use to gather data to formulate campaign strategies? (Amazon Search Terms, Repeat Purchase, Market Basket, etc.)
12:56 Which campaigns should you spend time/money on with a tight budget to get the most “bang for your buck”
14:35 In the supplementary category, what is the best way to know the CRO and CvR of my competitors
16:23 How do you decide bids? Is there a specific calculation that you do according to your targeted ACOS? Or is it just according to the bid suggestions provided by AMZ
17:54 What data/criteria do you use to determine when to move a good performing KW into its own campaign
19:22 What PPC strategy is best to launch new products in the gift set category
21:18 How would you structure campaigns for launch when you have a product with a price higher than average on AMZ? Is there a specific strategy you will suggest or approach to take
23:18 We have 450+ active campaigns. Is it time to use PPC automation tools like Helium10
26:27 How did your PPC performance change year over year? What is the difference in CPCs and ACoS
27:42 Will you suggest launching a campaign with minimal or 0 reviews and if you do is there any advice you can share on what to focus on or how to structure for possibly better performance
30:07 How do you use the new budgeting tools in Amazon
31:30 How can we check our organic orders on KWs we are targeting in PPC
32:51 What is a good Acos for a non-Vitamin Supplements
34:31 ​How much of my budget should be for good performing Ads/KWs and how much for research KWs
35:33 I don’t use phrase and broad targeting. Should I start doing and what to start with
37:43 Does dayparting work (turning on & off your Ads at specific times of day)? Do you think Amazon will ever add that feature to advertising
39:32 How do you use the CVR metric when optimizing bids? Because when you lower the bids, your placement decreases which help with the CPC but the CVR decreases which means the ACOS will stay the same
40:46 We have a seasonal valentines day and mothers day product – what time frame would you recommend that we begin to push PPC on KWs for those holidays to get the best results
41:51 I have 2 auto campaigns one with .39 cent bid and one with .45. I want to stop one of them both from performing well and making many sales. Which to stop or just reduce both budgets
42:47 If the Amazon suggested bids are mostly $2 above, do you still add a 20% bid increase? Do you use fixed bids
43:16 I am launching a new product in really seasonal KW. It’s almost zero within a month, it becomes a 500000, and inside 30 days it’s almost zero again. What’s your advice for general strategy and launching
44:33 How important are SB Headline Ads for purposes of scale
46:41 How often do you change daily budgets
47:12 We have products in a very competitive category (Toys & Games›Building Toys›Figures). We have to compete with Lego but we are a paperboard toy figure. What are the best campaigns keywords to compete
49:49 Targeting competitive ASINs has not achieved results
50:05 I have 15 SKUs with several variations each. Approximately how much time each day or week should I spend on PPC management
51:02 How do you check TACOS? Is it as a whole or per product
51:38 What’s the difference between CPA and OPA
52:51 What bidding strategy (fixed bid?) would you use to launch a product that’s unique in the sense it’s a combination of product A and product B and we are the only one making this combo
53:14 Keyword targeting or product targeting
53:58 What is a good CVR for video ads? Do they generally perform better overall than other ad types & why
55:06 What do you guys think about Helium10’s Adtomic tool and how we can improve on using this tool at scale? Is there an optimal setup, hack, etc.
56:27 What new features do you think will be rolled out in 2022? Hourly performance metrics? Modifier for Rest of Search? New ad placements? Speculation is welcome
58:24 If our manual main KWs is performing well in Auto and performing worst in manual campaigns, what would you do
58:59 If a KW is organically ranked, can we turn off KW in PPC
1:00:12 How to track campaigns (bids, ranking, etc) when we are working on more than 50 SKUs
1:00:48 ​I have 3 Video Ad Campaigns. but Video Ad Vs ASIN’s Customer Search Terms are the same, which are my KWs that I have used in Video Ad (Exact & Phrase). Are campaigns competing with each other
1:01:11 What should be an ideal daily budget for a newly launched product
1:01:48 If you win the Amazon’s Choice Badge for a keyword, does that change your advertising strategy for that keyword in any way
1:01:34 How to effectively use targeting tab in AMZ PPC console
1:01:34 If I rank #1 organically for a product, is it safe to level out my PPC spend and bids and let people click on my organic listing rather than on my Ads