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We have the most SEO content on Amazon on the internet. Join My Amazon Guy is, a growing digital marketing agency with more than 300 employees and nearly 300 brands managed. We are engaging, rewarding, and innovative. Our company’s goal is to grow sales while giving our clients the peace of mind that everything on Amazon is taken care of. 

Join the SEO team and together, using our combined knowledge and skills, we will take MAG to the next level!

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My Amazon Guy is Hiring

We want you to be part of our growing team. My Amazon Guy is one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the USA with more than 300 employees from around the world. 

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Why work at My Amazon Guy?

Case Study My Amazon Guy 50k Growth


Plenty of Learning Opportunities

Work from Home

Room to Grow within the Company

Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

Creative Freedom

Flexible Work Hours

Fun & Collaborative Atmosphere

Employees Come First

Many companies put clients or customers at the top of their pyramid. At My Amazon Guy we put employees first, and fire clients who disrespect our staff. We invest in people long term.

“Employees are critical to us. It is on Ownership and Management to support every layer above them.” – Steven Pope, Founder

Not convinced? You can ask our current employees if we live up to this vision. They will tell you, we do.

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