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If you are witty, and already engage with us on social media, apply now! Steven Pope and My Amazon Guy have an active social media presence. With multiple unique posts made daily covering Amazon, culture, and leadership. We have the most Amazon content on Amazon on the internet.

Join My Amazon Guy, a growing digital marketing agency with more than 400 employees and nearly 300 brands managed. We are engaging, rewarding, and innovative. Our company’s goal is to grow sales while giving our clients the peace of mind that everything on Amazon is taken care of.

Social Media Specialist Jobs - YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook

Are you witty? Do you find yourself making lots of comments on social media because you cannot help yourself? Can you make dad jokes? If you said yes to these questions apply to be our Social Media Troll!

  • Engagement with followers in all My Amazon Guy social media accounts
  • Post witty comments daily to create a happy and engaging My Amazon Guy social media environment
  • Coming up with viral concepts
  • Researching the best hashtags for the company
  • Growing our social media channels through interactive comments
  • Meeting with the company owner and going over the social media schedule
  • Opportunity to work remotely
  • Relaxed work culture
  • Dual monitor setup is required
  • You will use Time Doctor to track your hours
  • You will use Slack as a medium to communicate with and in between teams
  • Experience in social media is a plus but not necessary
  • Must understand all social media platforms (such as but not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok)
  • Must be creative, witty, and bring ideas to the table
Application Instructions:
  1. Fill out the application form below and make sure to complete the 5-minute Culture Index Survey
  2. Make us laugh on our own social media posts and add a troll emoji so we know you are a candidate. Find Steven Pope and My Amazon Guy on all social mediums.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced ever-changing environment
  • Demonstrable competency in organizational and analytical skills, as well as strong attention to detail
  • Highly analytical, strong project management skills, and eagerness to learn
  • Dual-monitor setup
  • Fast internet connection (At least 15mbps)
  • At least 8 GIG of RAM
  • Installed Microsoft Excel
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“Thank you @Steven Pope. 😘 Happy and proud. 

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We want you to be part of our growing team. My Amazon Guy is one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the USA with more than 400 employees from around the world. 

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