Sonic Technology Case Study


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Sonic Technology Case Study


Sonic Technology Case Study
Industry: Consumer Electronics
Location: USA

Sonic Technology, founded in 1981, is a family and employee-owned company nestled in the picturesque hills of Northern California, specifically in the twin cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City. From its inception, Sonic Technology has dedicated itself to producing high-quality, economically priced personal sound amplifiers that are easy to operate.

In 1986, Sonic Technology introduced the SuperEar, a lightweight device designed to provide extra amplification for those who need it. Over the years, the SuperEar has become a beloved and trusted product worldwide, enabling users to enhance their listening experience for lectures, bird watching, music, and television.

Sonic Technology later on upgraded models, re-engineered, slimmed down, and created an even more powerful SuperEar.

Sonic Technology prides itself on delivering top-notch products and unparalleled customer service to its global customer base. The company stands ready to assist with any issues, ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase.

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The Challenges

Expansion to the Canadian Marketplace – Entering the Canadian market posed a significant challenge. The brand faced administrative barriers on Amazon, but MAG provided substantial assistance to overcome them.

UPC Changes Challenges – Our client had to change its UPC codes, which is quite a challenging process on Amazon. The troubleshooting often involves a lot of back and forth, with Amazon’s generic responses frequently failing to resolve the issues.

PPC – Competing with well-known brands made it challenging to rank for high-search-volume keywords. Additionally, converting to highly relevant keywords was difficult due to our lack of social proof and brand recognition.

New Product Launches – Sonic has introduced multiple products across various categories, necessitating a strategic plan for successful launches.

The Approach

Set up the account for Canada

  • We conducted a thorough analysis of the listing issues that needed to be resolved to meet the eligibility criteria for the Canadian market. After extensive troubleshooting efforts, we successfully established the business there.
  • After 1 year and a half of not being able to sell, we fixed the issue and the client is selling inside Canada without any problems, they are even launching new products.

UPC changes

  • We consistently worked on UPC changes, carefully addressing each case individually on Amazon and finding alternative ways to have these changes accepted and incorporated. While these processes can sometimes take months, we were able to complete them in an exceptionally short time.

Understanding Competition & Product Category

  • We researched the competition and conducted a detailed analysis to understand the activities within our category and identify our potential customers. Competing with strong brands requires a clear understanding of our unique advantages and strengths to present them effectively. We enhanced our pricing strategy and offers to ensure they are competitive in the market.

Strong SEO Effort 

  • Our extensive research to develop the optimal SEO backend and customer-facing changes significantly improved the brand’s organic ranking. We made continuous improvements to drive more traffic and increase the CTR rate. This assured achieving organic ranking for the top-performing keywords in the category.

Advertising hacks

  • We backed up our advertising campaigns with the best keywords applicable for specific product niches, aiming to deter customers from exploring other listings unnecessarily. We then optimized these campaigns to ensure adequate utilization of our advertising budget.

CTR improvement

  • Our team conducted several A/B tests to make sure the changes we are applying are those that are driving the sales. Combining advertising efforts, comprehensive research in SEO, and creative improvements we increased the CTR. The products became the most converted in the category with very high CTR which resulted in great sales.

The Impact

Successfully expanded to the Canada marketplace and sustained the upward trend in sales despite going against well-known brands in the category.
We foresee the increase in monthly sales to continue for the remainder of 2024.
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