Are Amazon Strategic Account Services Worth It?

Amazon Consultancy Vs Hands-On Management

An Agency Can Offer A Better Value Proposition

Wanting to unlock Amazon growth, but is Strategic Account Services (SAS) your key? Before committing to a $5k-worth deal, wouldn’t it be wise to explore alternative options that may provide a more desirable outcome?

Let’s dive deep into the important details to help you decide.

00:00 How to Start on Amazon

00:36 Open an LLC

00:55 Open a seller central account

02:44 Retail arbitrage 3-5 products just to learn the system and go through FBA shipping

05:15 Come up with a private label item or 3.

05:39 Stay to what you know and understand

08:25 Verify the selections with research

13:04 Order competitor products

14:28 Order samples from manufacturers

17:06 Place order

18:06 File a Trademark and come up with a brand name

20:13 Ship into Amazon

20:39 Setup ads

20:45 Full listing optimization

24:54 Continuously optimize

26:11 Order more products

How Strategic Account Services Works

Strategic Account Services offers a designated account manager within Amazon, acting as a trusted advisor to help scale your business, reach new customers, and boost sales.

What To Expect When You Sign Up

  1. Dedicated Account Manager/Trusted Amazon Advisor
  2. Business Guidance
  3. Holiday and Sales Event Preparation
  4. Identification of New Opportunities
  5. Merchandising and Promotional Assistance
  6. Operational Support
  7. Ongoing Support 

How Much Does SAS Cost?

The maximum monthly cap fee is $5,000 in any given month. SAS cost is (base fee) $1,600/month plus 0.3% of your business’ total sales from previous month plus tax.

Hence, the exact amount will vary depending on your monthly sales revenue.

Who Is SAS For?

The ideal users of Amazon SAS are brand owners and resellers who have Professional Selling Account and are actively sell products on (U.S.).

As described by Amazon, eligible businesses are those that have good standing on the Amazon marketplace, implying that this program is not for beginners and amateurs

Amazon Strategic Account Services Pros

Personalized Insights

Receive tailored recommendations for areas like fulfillment, account health, conversion growth, merchandising, and global expansion.

Operational Support

Access tactical assistance for time-consuming tasks such as listing creation, catalog optimization, and A+ content recommendations, facilitating scalability.

Programs and Deals

Stay updated on the latest seller offerings, including beta programs and deal opportunities, with guidance on selecting the most beneficial options.

Issue Assistance

Efficiently manage issues to prevent business interruption, supported by a dedicated team of specialists offering insights and guidance.

Amazon Strategic Account Services Cons

Eligibility Criteria

Restricted to sellers with an active Professional Selling Account in good standing on

Brand Owner Requirement

While designed for both brand owners and resellers in Amazon’s US store, the program may not be suitable for those outside this scope.

Multiple Seller Accounts

Each seller account must be enrolled separately, and working with a single account manager across multiple accounts depends on capacity.

Equal Treatment in Policies

Enrolling in SAS doesn’t grant preferential treatment regarding Amazon’s policies, which are applied uniformly to all sellers.

New Seller Consideration

SAS is ideal for established sellers; aspiring sellers need to first establish a presence on Amazon’s US stores.

Should I Hire An Agency vs SAS?

Considering the cost of Strategic Account Services, some sellers may hesitate to sign up. An alternative is opting for Full-Service Management from My Amazon Guy, providing a robust alternative to SAS. 

For the same price: 

  • You will have eight team members (including a Brand Director, Brand Manager, Project Manager, Amazon Specialist, Advertising Specialist, and Graphic Designer) to manage your account for you.
  • You will receive not just advice or insights on how you can make your business on Amazon succeed.
  • You have a complete team to do SEO, PPC, Design, Catalog Merchandising, and Catalog Troubleshooting tasks for you.

MAG Difference:

Inclusive Seller Support: Welcoming sellers of all levels, whether beginners or experienced, from any location.

Personalized Expertise: Providing tailored insights on account health, fulfillment, conversion growth, expansion, and more.

Actionable Solutions with Manpower: Beyond advice, we offer hands-on assistance for tasks like listing creation, optimization, A+ content design, brand registry, and more.

Deal Hunting for Your Benefit: Actively seeking new deals and promotions to enhance your business.

Proactive Issue Management: Vigilantly handling and managing issues related to your account.

Policy Compliance Assurance: Ensuring your listings align with Amazon policies.

Multi-Brand Capability: Capable of handling multiple brands (terms and conditions apply).

Diverse Service Offerings: Tailoring services to your needs, including PPC Only, CTR Main Image Upgrade, Listing Reinstatement, and One-on-One Coaching Sessions.

Transparent Communication: Maintaining an open line of communication, including bi-weekly meetings, for continuous updates on your business status.

Detailed Reporting: Providing weekly and monthly reports, including sales and ads performance.

Goal-Oriented Approach: Accomplishing tasks aligned with your goals, offering expert insights for optimal outcomes.

Founder’s Experience: Leveraging the extensive experience of our founder, Steven Pope, for reliable services and products.

We deliver services and products grounded in years of Amazon platform expertise!

Navigate the choice between hiring an agency or opting for SAS with confidence. And below are additional information to empower you in making the right choice.

Amazon Strategic Account Services Program Restrictions

  1. Eligibility and New Sellers
  • SAS is designed for both brand owners and resellers operating in Amazon’s U.S. stores. However, it is not suitable for those who are not yet selling on Amazon’s U.S. stores.
  1. One Seller Account Per Enrollment
  • Each seller account must be enrolled separately in SAS. Depending on account manager capacity, working with a single account manager across all accounts may or may not be possible. Amazon works closely with sellers to determine the best management approach.
  1. No Special Treatment, Amazon Policy-Wise
  • Sellers enrolled in SAS should not expect different or preferential treatment regarding Amazon’s policies. Policies are consistent and applied equally to all sellers, whether enrolled in the program or not.
  1. Program Suitability for New Sellers
  • SAS is recommended for sellers who have been operating Professional Selling Accounts for more than 12 months. While new sellers can apply, the program is likely more beneficial for experienced Amazon sellers.
  1. Communication with Account Manager
  • Engagement with your account manager is primarily through phone and email. Monthly check-in calls are scheduled to review your business plan and goals.
  1. Account Manager Allocation
  • Amazon limits the number of sellers each account manager handles, ensuring focused optimization of accounts and personalized assistance in achieving business goals.
  1. Merchandising Assistance
  • Your account manager can advise on various Amazon deal types, but fees may still apply. They can also assist in developing a deals strategy based on your business objectives.
  1. Program Fees and Customization
  • The cost of SAS is customized for each seller individually. It is currently offered as a bundled package of services, and sellers cannot pay less for access to fewer services.
Amazon Strategic Account Services PDP

Risk Factors And Challenges of Strategic Account Services


  • High Cost: SAS fees depend on how big your business is, usually starting at a few thousand dollars per month. This might be a lot of money, especially for smaller businesses. Before deciding, think about whether the expected benefits are worth more than the cost.
  • Limited Availability: SAS is not open to all sellers, with minimum performance requirements and limited spots. If you don’t qualify or can’t secure a spot, the investment in researching and preparing for SAS might be wasted.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Enrolling in SAS means committing to a minimum 3-month contract. This might be risky if you’re not sure how well the program will work for your business.


  • Internal Capability: SAS is most effective when combined with your team’s dedicated effort and strategic planning. Make sure your team has the resources and expertise to implement the insights and recommendations from SAS.
  • No Magic Bullet: SAS is a tool, not a guaranteed path to success. Increased sales and growth depend on your commitment to implementing the suggested strategies and adapting them to your specific market and product.
  • Potential ROI Fluctuation: ROI can vary based on your business, product niche, and market competition. Be ready for the program not meeting your expectations.


  • Varying Account Manager Effectiveness:Reviews indicate varying support quality from account managers. There’s a chance of getting a less responsive or effective manager, which could affect your experience.
  • Overreliance on SAS: While SAS provides useful guidance, depending entirely on their recommendations without independent analysis and critical thinking may impede your long-term growth and market understanding.

Additional Considerations

  • Complexity of Implementation: Applying SAS recommendations may be intricate, involving changes to your current operations, marketing strategies, and product listings. Be ready to invest time and resources in this process.
  • Data Sharing and Privacy: SAS requires access to your Amazon seller data. Ensure you understand how your data is used and protected before agreeing to the program’s terms.
Amazon Strategic Account Services Inc 500

1. Is anything out of stock?

2. Go to the inventory page, hit edit on a top seller, and check the search term field. If commas, or unoptimized, or not 250 bytes, show him the 250 bytes trick

3. Check Advertising, a. Anything out of budget? b. Top spend auto campaign for negations. c. Search term report and point out wasted ad spend by sorting by spend and pointing out high ACOS

4. Go to a business report, 1 year, sort by month, look for up down

00:00 Is your account being run properly on Amazon?

00:26 Has anything gone out of stock?

00:36 Use Helium 10 to check if the BSR disappear on the chart

00:48 If you see a blank blue line disappear all of a sudden, that means you went out of stocks or have a severe catalog issue

01:02 Bonus Tip #1: If you don’t see a yellow line, that means you haven’t set a list price

01:08 Bonus Tip #2: Have they set up a shipping alert on inventory?

01:30 Check SEO and make sure the search term field is set to 250 bytes.

02:29 Use a byte counter tool like Rakko to check the number of bytes

03:32 Check the Advertising and check if there is anything out of budget

04:01 Advertising tip is to go to the top spending auto campaign

04:11 If you don’t see negative keywords, there’s an ad dollar that’s being wasted on an auto campaign.

04:23 If there are no negations on an auto campaign, that is a sign of mis advertising management.

04:33 Negative keywords can be added at a campaign level

04:55 Advertising tip is to dive into the search term report

05:41 Go to a business report and look at the sales and traffic, sort by month, and take a year view and check for trend lines and data issues

07:40 Visit My Amazon Guy website

Critical Considerations Before Signing Up for Amazon Strategic Account Services

1. Business Experience

  • Evaluate your level of experience as an Amazon seller. While SAS is open to various sellers, it’s recommended for those who have solid standing on the platform.

2. Monthly Sales Revenue

  • Consider your monthly sales revenue. Considering the price of the program,  one can assume that this is designed for businesses doing multiple six or seven figures per year. Assess whether the potential benefits align with your sales volume.

3. Cost Analysis

  • Understand the pricing structure of SAS, including the base fee, percentage of total sales, and the monthly cap. Ensure that the costs are justifiable and align with your budget.

4. Business Goals

  • Clearly define your business goals. SAS provides services such as product listing optimization, holiday preparation, and exclusive support. Ensure that these align with your specific objectives.

5. Eligibility Criteria

  • Confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria, including having a Professional Selling Account in good standing on (U.S.). Assess whether your business model fits within the framework set by Amazon.

6. Level of Amazon Involvement

  • Consider your comfort level with Amazon’s involvement in your account management. SAS provides a dedicated account manager from Amazon. Ensure that this level of collaboration aligns with your preferences.

7. Long-Term Strategy

  • Evaluate whether SAS aligns with your long-term business strategy on Amazon. Assess the scalability and adaptability of the services to accommodate your future growth.

8. Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Estimate the potential return on investment. Assess how the services provided by SAS can contribute to increased sales and overall business growth.

9. Program Limitations

  • Understand the limitations of the program, as explained above. Ensure that these align with your operational preferences.

10. Alternative Solutions

  • Explore alternative account management solutions and services available in the market. Compare the features, benefits, and costs to ensure that SAS is the best fit for your business needs.
Amazon Strategic Account Services Right Agency
How to Succeed on Amazon_

Is Amazon’s Strategic Account Services Worth It?

Whether Amazon’s Strategic Account Services are worth it depends on your specific business needs and budget. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide:

Consider it a good fit if:

  • You’re a larger seller with substantial revenue, as fees are tailored to size. Smaller businesses might find it challenging to justify the cost.
  • You prioritize personalized support and expert guidance, as SAS provides a dedicated account manager and strategic insights.
  • Your goal is to enhance sales through optimized listings, targeted promotions, and increased market awareness, with SAS offering valuable resources and exclusive opportunities.
  • You have internal resources available to implement SAS recommendations; it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and requires effort on your part.

Not recommended if:

  • You operate a small business with a limited budget, as the high fees could outweigh potential benefits.
  • You already possess a strong understanding of the Amazon marketplace and effective strategies, potentially making additional guidance unnecessary.
  • You prefer a hands-off approach and are unwilling to commit to a long-term contract, given the minimum 3-month commitment might be daunting.



SAS can be a valuable tool for larger, established sellers looking to scale their business. However, it’s not a guaranteed path to success and comes with significant risks and challenges, especially for smaller businesses. Carefully weigh the pros and cons, do your research, and consider alternative strategies before making a decision.

Remember: It’s your business, your call. Choose the path that best suits your needs and resources. Also, there are other options that can deliver better results.

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