How to Add a New Amazon Marketplace to Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is a tool by Seller Labs that can automate feedback e-mails sent to customers after they order your product on Amazon. E-mails send with Feedback Genius increase the likelihood of receiving product feedback. You can also use Feedback Genius to track reviews on your products.


Follow our step-by-step directions to connect your Amazon marketplace to Feedback Genius. If you need help or want to save time, contact us about setting up Feedback Genius for your Amazon seller central account.


Log into feedback genius and click the dropdown next to your email and click settings.

Connect your amazon marketplace to feeedback genius. start by clicking settings on feedback genius.


Next you want to click Marketplace Settings

connect amazon marketplace to feedback genius by clicking on marketplace settings.


Click Add New Marketplace

amazon api authorization for feedback genius. click on add new marketplace.


Then Click Start Setup

seller labs amazon marketplace api connection. click start setup to connect your amazon account.


Click Connect North American Account

connect your amazon account to seller labs. click on connect north american account.


Then you will go through the motions of verifying MWS to connect your Seller Central account to Feedback genius.


How to Remove Amazon Seller Feedback Negative Ratings and Reviews to Increase Conversion Rates and Buy Box Percentages

Customer Feedback Check Guide

Follow step by step process shows how to remove negative feedback by on Amazon, which will help your seller score and increase sales on Amazon. It can impact your buy box percentages and conversion rates.


The first time using this guide it is recommended you review the last 365 days of feedback and remove all negative feedback going from most recent backwards:

Following catching up negative feedback removal, this process should be completed once a week ongoing by customer service. Especially to help customers who are not happy!


  1. Create a weekly calendar reminder to check Amazon feedback.
  2. To check feedback click here on Amazon Seller Central front page
  3. Click on the order ID of any negative customer feedback.
  4. (Optional) Research customer issue, respond to customer privately.
  5. (Mandatory) Ask for Amazon to remove feedback by submitting an FBA ticket. Remove any 3 star, 2 star, and 1 star reviews. (4 star reviews and 5 star reviews are good and should be left alone)
  6. Type order ID In select next
  7. Regardless of what the customer wrote in the feedback, submit a request to remove it to Amazon.

  8. Select reason for removing feedback, most likely “product feedback” and hit send
  9. Most of the time Amazon will simply remove the feedback and it will cross it off your seller score.

Keep removing feedback as it comes in once a week.

Seller feedback is public facing. Shoot for a 98% or better rating.


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