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Curious to know what it’s like working with us? Scroll down to check out what some of our employees say about working with us.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys
We love to hear from our employees through our employee satisfaction survey to make sure we’re providing the best possible work environment for them. Here are the results from the January 2023 survey.

Do you have the tools to do your job?

Do you have the tools to do your job 2023
Do you have the tools to do your job 2023

Would you recommend working at My Amazon Guy?

Would you recommend working at My Amazon Guy 2023
Would you recommend working at My Amazon Guy 2023

Company Values

These are what makes our organization be better. We encourage growth, proficiency, communication, and prioritize progress over perfection. And for our managers, we promote leadership, respect, accountability, and ownership in order to build a successful company, attract talent, achieve goals, and gain trust. 

MAG’s Mission: to be earth’s most seller-centric company.

Core Values

Manager Values

Employee Reviews

Behind the success of My Amazon Guy are its hard-working employees, and here they are to share theirs personal experiences, giving you a sneak peek into the heartbeat of our company.

Francisco Valadez, Account Director

Thomas Fitzgibbons, Account Director

Natasha Johnson, Executive Assistant

Matt Lopez, Account Executive

Matt Davis, Advertising Director

Casey Walker, Brand Manager

My Amazon Guy has over 400 employees from around the world. See more about what they have to say about working with us.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Working at My Amazon Guy?

We ask this question to our employees in our annual employee feedback survey (anonymous), and here are some of the hear-warming answers that we received.

My favorite thing about working at MAG is the work-life balance. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I work full-time on a flexible schedule and my boss trusts me to produce high-quality work and results. I love that MAG enables me to love and enjoy my other passions in life.
The collaboration between the teams and the team/family camaraderie that exists between the employees. I know I can get help from anyone I ask, on any type of task whether it be work-related or personal. MAG also makes it so that even though we are working remotely all over the country we still have opportunities to gather in zoom and google meets just as employees to have fun and mingle. Treat your employees well and they will treat your clients better.
The People!!
What I really like working at My Amazon Guy is that my colleagues are sharing picture of their cats, dogs and even a small stories about their family. It feels like you are a part of someone’s family even though they are far from you.
The Family like atmosphere
Freedom of working remotely and all the good communication with the colleagues.
My favorite thing about working at MAG is the culture. MAG offers hundreds of different tools to learn from. Live training, hundreds of SOPs, and Slack channels are very helpful for information. The simplest way to describe the MAG culture is ” STRIDE & THRIVE “, MAG builds us up with the training and SOPS so we can STRIDE, as a result, we’re able to THRIVE in an environment that can easily be overwhelming and confusing. When you build strong foundations, people like me, that had nearly NO amazon experience months ago, can actually become productive employees and respectable MAG representatives and Entreprenuers.

The fully functional remote work culture.

Growth Potential: My Amazon Guy is a company where you can grow. There are so many learning opportunities to improve skills and advance your career. Due to the Founder’s focus on Employees above all, this is an environment that helps you reach your full potential.
Getting to do what I like to do or the work itself.
The endless amount of support and opportunities for personal/professional growth are big ones, along with the camaraderie I’ve built with my coworkers (despite working from home). The biggest perk, though? Working with my cats.
Flexible Schedule.
I also like the way how Steven Pope engages and cares about our our health and wellness. He created the 10,000 steps daily challenge which is a good impact for me since it motivates us to care about health

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Employees Come First

Many companies put clients or customers at the top of their pyramid. At My Amazon Guy we put employees first, and fire clients who disrespect our staff. We invest in people long term.

“Employees are critical to us. It is on Ownership and Management to support every layer above them.”
– Steven Pope, Founder

Not convinced? You can ask our current employees if we live up to this vision. They will tell you, we do.