Understanding Your Target Audience: Creating A Customer Avatar To Drive Conversions

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Many entrepreneurs who are just starting out in Amazon have no idea how to target their customers and create or develop their brand. Amazon is a very large target market, but not every entrepreneur can find their way around the crowds to reach their audience. Creating a target market on Amazon is important for your business and ultimately should be determined by who your ideal customer will be. The better you can understand your customers’ demographics, the more likely you will succeed as an entrepreneur.
  WHAT IS A CUSTOMER AVATAR? An avatar is a fictional character that represents your target market. The avatar will help you better understand your target market by giving you a window into their world and needs.
  • Easier decision-making – They represent the types of people who buy your products, and creating an avatar will help you make better decisions.
  • Saves a lot of money – Rather than spending time and money trying to attract a wide audience, you’ll only need to target the audience most likely to buy from you. This means you can target your marketing efforts more effectively, and you’ll also be able to track the success of your campaigns easily.
  • Improve your conversion rates –  By using an avatar, you’ll be able to create a more personalized experience for your customers. This means that they’ll be able to engage with your products more easily and will be more likely to buy them.
  • Identify the goals and values that your product can help them achieve
Once you know what motivates your customers, you can understand what drives them to  buy from you instead of another seller. This knowledge can help you create products that are more appealing to them.   
  • Find their sources of information
This will help you nail down where you can advertise and how to speak to them in a language they understand.  
  • Write their demographic information
Identify what characteristics and behaviors make your target market different from other groups. Creating this fictional person gives you a complete picture of your customer. It makes them “real” or as real as a fake avatar can be.  
  • Define the problem or challenge that you want to solve by creating an Amazon listing.
This information can help you spur ideas for new products or services to help you write copy and ad creative information that speaks to their points, compelling them to take action. Write it all out, then put pictures of your target demographic all over your Amazon listings. Here are some additional listing tips:
  • Show one gender 
  • Show one age group
  • If your product is unisex, target the majority buyer
  • Show the product in use by your customer avatar
  • Show the customer avatar experiencing the product looking at the camera and ideally smiling
What parties would you attend and where would you go to target the demographic of my Amazon guy?
  CONCLUSION By understanding your target market, you can make better decisions about the products you create and how you market them. In addition, knowing who they are will help build a personal connection with them. Have questions about constructing your customer avatar to attract your ideal Amazon target market? Let us know and talk to us today at myamazonguy.com/contact.