Walmart Marketplace Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

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Walmart Marketplace Order Fulfillment SOP

This guide will give a brief overview of how to fulfill orders on the Walmart Marketplace using Amazon as the fulfillment channel. (MCF). 

How to Ship and Confirm Orders 

  1. Go to your Orders Tab under ORDER MANAGEMENT. 
  2. Find your New Orders. New Orders Will Fall under Three categories: (New Orders, Orders Due Today, Past Due Orders). 
  3. Once you locate your order, your screen will look something like the image below:
  4. Click the purchase order # hyperlink. 
  5. Under status – change from Acknowledged to Ship. 
  6. If you have a valid tracking number, change your carrier to your carrier which you shipped with, enter the tracking number, and click update. 
  7. If fulfilling a MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfillment) order (Through Amazon), simply enter USPS as the carrier and 12345 as the tracking number. (Note you will be unable to edit this tracking number at a later time). 
  8. Click Update and you are done. 

Customer Service:

Walmart Customer Service is different from Amazon or eBay. There is not a central message area. All communications are done through email. 

  1. Sending Emails: To send an email go to your orders page. Next click on the purchase order number for the order in question. 
  2. Sending Emails Within Walmart: Click Send email to send an email through the walmart platform. 
  3. Sending Emails Outside of Walmart: Click Copy Email Address to copy the customers email so an email can be sent directly to them. 
  4. Customer Service Escalation: For “customer service escalations” simply message the customer through Walmart using the steps above to resolve the issue with the customer. If not resolved within 48 hours Walmart may step in and issue a refund.
  5. Responding to Emails: To respond to a customer message, email them back directly via your email client. 

For more information on how to place a MCF order through Amazon please visit the link below: