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What is a LPN Number on Amazon?

Amazon LPN (License Plate Numbers) are used for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) item tracking (mostly with returns) and other internal processing uses, not directly specified by Amazon. LPN stickers will be placed over existing FNSKU stickers or barcodes. 

Amazon’s Definition is:

“A unique serial number that identifies specific items throughout the fulfillment process.”


These stickers are most relevant to a seller when they have products returned from the FBA warehouse in a removal order. 

Why does Amazon use a LPN Sticker?

  • These stickers are used for internal processing and tracking.
  • These numbers are correlated with the Amazon FBA returns report – in order to help track FBA customer returns internally.  

What does the Amazon LPN Sticker Look Like?

  • The LPN sticker will have the same format as the image below: 

LPN sticker

 How can the LPN Number Help the Seller Identify Amazon Returns?

The LPN number is a great starting place when a seller receives a removal order on the Amazon marketplace. These numbers can be manually scanned into an excel sheet and then be compared against the Amazon FBA report. Using this method will help the seller know why the item was returned to Amazon and for which orders. To identify LPN’s on the FBA returns report please use the steps below:

  1. Go to the Amazon Seller Central Home Page. 
  2. Move your Cursor to Reports and then Return Reports

LPN Return

 3. Click View FBA Reports. 

View FBA Reports

 4. Click the Download Tab.                                                                   

 5. Chose an Event Date and Click Request .csv download. 

Request .csv Download

 6. Once your file is ready, download the excel file and from here you can locate the order numbers returned, the return reason and the LPN number. This report can be compared with your manual returns sheet mentioned previously in this article. 

LPN Number