What is Send To Amazon? – New Amazon FBA Shipping Feature

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What is Send To Amazon? – New Amazon FBA Shipping Feature Amazon has recently released a new method of sending FBA inventory to Amazon. Benefits
  • FBA Inventory Selection  – All of the listings that are FBA are listed in this new feature and sellers will be able to choose which product they will be adding to the shipment. Previously, the seller would have to scroll through there catalog and manually check each box before selecting “Send/Replenish Inventory”. This slow process made shipment creation tidious. With this new UI sellers can select and deselect product on the fly.
  • Packing Templates – This new feature allows sellers to create packing templates for case-packed products. Sellers will be able to save box unit count, dimensions, and prep type for quick and easy shipment creation.
Beta Phase Limitations Since this new feature is still in beta phase, there are some limitations.
  • Shipping Method – Currently, the only shipping method available is small parcel delivery – no pallets or LTL shipments with this tool.
  • Carrier – Amazon is not allowing Amazon Partnered Carriers with this tool at this time, meaning you will not be able to purchase shipping labels directly from Amazon. All shipping will need to be purchased off of Amazon.