Who Are the Biggest Amazon Sellers? SmartScout Tool Review 

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SmartScout claims to be the most innovative Amazon research tool ever made and has boldly backed that claim up by comparing themselves head to head with some of the leading players, like Helium10, Jungle Scout, and Keepa.

Their differentiator is in brand fields that nobody else has, particularly concerning seller ID’s, and more product, brand, and seller data than anything else on the market. 

Perhaps you’ve wondered whether there’s another Amazon seller down the street from you or are interested in getting together with other sellers in the area. Some of SmartScout’s tools can help you do just that in very little time. Without filters, you can search any location on the map and immediately view the turnovers and addresses of sellers by hovering over their icon – more significant sellers show up as larger bubbles. 

Value for Amazon Aggregators

One handy feature of Smartscout is for Amazon aggregators – brands looking to acquire other brands to create a conglomerate list of selling opportunities across accounts. A user can search sellers in various ways by tweaking the filter to polarize the information you want or need most. It’s easy to focus on a region, monthly turnovers, product categories, and how much each product accounts for a seller’s total revenue. Users can easily find out if a retailer has one or two private labels while covering other products. Amazon recently changed their privacy settings to allow the public to look up a seller and access their information, and this tool seems to be populating all of that data and placing it into a map.

More Knowledge in Less Time

Traditionally, subscription emails or visiting trade shows were ways for sellers looking to acquire other brands, but due diligence efforts can now be significantly faster and more efficiently, without the need for non-disclosure agreements, lengthy back and forth communication, and in many instances, deposits being paid for account access.

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Propositioning Other Brands

Let’s imagine you own a baby brand and want to buy other brands in the same category in a specific region. You could filter by category and turnover and find target areas. In this instance, unsurprisingly, New York, Florida, and California make up those key areas. It’s a speedy way to ascertain where these companies are based and perhaps take a trip, already armed with their business name, seller ID numbers, monthly revenue, precise location, FBA volume, SKU’s covered and any other relevant data. 

Viewing Data Differently

SmartScout’s traffic graph is an engaging way to view information graphically. It visually depicts a cloud of information connecting products. Suppose somebody buys a particular product. In that case, we can see the likelihood they’ll buy two other products by viewing inbound and outbound acquisitions of similar items. This tool is advantageous for businesses wanting to add complementary products to their brand and explore new avenues. Seeing data in charts and graphs can be less overwhelming and offer a different perspective.

Smartscout undoubtedly offers unique features that may be incredibly useful for your business while still providing other cursory tools similar to Jungle Scout, Helium10, and Keepa.