5 Fundamental Q&As about the Effective Use of Amazon Swatch Images

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A full service Amazon agency can help with uploading Amazon swatch images, or swatches, which is one of the topics that My Amazon Guy’s founder, Steven Pope, was asked about. Below is a granular discussion that can serve as your guide if you also wish to add swatches to your product listings.

If you want a visual guide on this, watch Steven as he takes you to the right places in Amazon Seller Central to show how it’s done.

What are Amazon Swatch Images?

Amazon swatch images or swatches are the small, square thumbnails that you often see on the product listings page on Amazon. These are previews of the child or variant SKUS in a product group.

Amazon Swatch Images on Age of Sage Listing

How do Amazon swatch images work?

The image above, for instance, is for one of the soap products from Age of Sage. As shown, the swatches are for the scent variations of the soaps.

The first box shows the swatch for the “Cotton Fields” scent of the soap. Clicking on this box will let you see the main image and the secondary images of the listing in this particular variation.

An image of a marketplace product page showcasing a variety of soaps.

The same process applies to whichever swatch you click. See the screenshot below for the “Cool Spring” variant.

Amazon Swatch Images on Age of Sage Listing 3

When and why should you use Amazon swatch images?

Swatches are useful when you have multiple variations (such as scents, colors, designs, etc.) for a particular product.

The visual presentation provided by Amazon swatch images helps customers make informed purchasing decisions, which is part of an excellent customer service experience.

They make it easier for customers to find and choose the product they need and want, which ultimately helps grow sales.

How do you upload Amazon Swatch Images?

Uploading swatches is basically the same with uploading images via feed file. The inventory file template has a specific column where you can enter and save the URLs of your swatch images.

1. In your Seller Central account, go to Catalog > Add Products via Upload and click on the “Download Spreadsheet” tab.

2. Scroll down to type on the search toolbar or select the types of products you want to sell.

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3. Select the marketplace where you are selling (Amazon.com, Amazon,ca, or Amazon.com.mx, etc.)

4. Select the template language and then click “Generate Template” to download the Inventory file template.

Amazon Swatch Images on Age of Sage Listing 5

To show you a sample, here are some screenshots of the soaps template that we used for the Age of Sage examples above.

Amazon Swatch Images on Age of Sage Listing 6

This is what you’ll see in the “Template” tab of the file. Upon opening it, you will not easily find the “Swatch Image URL” column. To reveal this tab, click the “+” button following the “Main Image URL” column.

Amazon Swatch Images on Age of Sage Listing 7

5. You may enter the Swatch Image URL in this column, along with the other basic or important details, such as the Seller SKU, Product Name, and PartialUpdate.

6. Double check for errors, then save.