Amazon Aggregators: A Profile of Risk and Return from the Digital Frontier

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About Joe Hogg from Global Wired Advisors

Prior to founding Global Wired Advisors with Jason Somerville, Chris Bodnar, and Chris Shipferling, Joe was the global head of funding for Wells Fargo’s trading and investment banking division, Wells Fargo Securities. There, he oversaw the daily financing of $110 Billion of broker-dealer assets, and between $25 Billion and $40 Billion of additional capital market’s deal flow annually across all industry verticals. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Joe managed the Structured Finance desk at Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for building structured derivative solutions for bank clients and hedging interest rate and equity market exposure. Joe began his career on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he traded foreign exchange and interest futures for some of the world’s largest investment banks. He has an undergraduate degree in Finance from Virginia Tech and has completed graduate work at the University of Chicago in Quantitative Finance. Joe is also a GARP-certified Financial Risk Manager and a member of the International Association of Financial Engineers.

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