Comprehensive Video Guide to Amazon Brand Registry

Comprehensive Guide to Brand Registry 2020 Amazon Trademark Tools and Benefits

In this video we cover how to file brand registry, how to locate your trademark registration number, the benefits of brand registry such as A+ content, Brand Store builds, the Brand Dashboard, and filing Trademark Infringement reports.

Here is a Transcript of the video guide:

Comprehensive Video Guide to Amazon Brand Registry

In this video I will be talking about the Amazon brand registry this will be a comprehensive guide everything from how to open up a brand registry on Amazon everything you need including a trademark as well as every feature that you get access to with brand registry my name is stephen i’m the founder of my amazon guy and we’re a digital consulting agency so if you need help with your brand registry or want to get some of those benefits go to my amazon guy com alright so brand registry is basically Amazon’s way to raise the bar on selling on Amazon they previously would give some features to select Amazon sellers when they were a much smaller company now they require you to file a trademark with a legal entity commonly in the United States that’s the United States Patent and Trademark Office and you take that registration number you go to Amazon’s brand registry page which is brand services amazon.com and you fill out an application so if you don’t have a trademark today we do offer that as a service you just go to my amazon.com and go to services trademark registrations cost to do that is 775 will take care of all the filing and paperwork if you have a trademark already you can proceed to the next step and that’s when you go to brand services on amazon.com and hit gets started here’s all the information and what you need to know so first off you know to be eligible you need an active principal registry trademark if you have a trademark but you don’t know your registration number there is a quick way to figure that out I simply like to Google trademark lookup and one of the top results should be the USPTO and you can come in here hit search our trademark database basic word mark search and you can type in the name of your trademark so the trademark I own is monster and you can see it’s a character or standard character mark very basic trademark on the registry you see it’s in the principle you can see it’s live and you can see the registry right here so this is publicly crawlable information so if you don’t know your registration number go look it up using the method I just mentioned then proceed to the next step so you’re gonna hit and roll now and it’s going to go through these three steps so basically they’re gonna have you create a brand services login and I recommend you use the admin login for your seller central account that’s will save you a lot of headache when you’re trying to connect your brand registry to your seller account if you just simply use the main super admin logged in for your solar central that will cause prevention of a lot of cake and if you don’t know if you’re using your seller central admin go to settings while your installer central go to settings user permissions and inside of user permissions you will then see one login doesn’t have the word delete next to it that’s how you know that that is the super admin for solar central so you use that email when you come here and hit hit and roll down so if you’re a company with multiple user logins you need to address that before you proceed okay so you’re gonna hit and roll now it’s going to ask you some questions about about your business and since I already have filed one it’s already logging me in here so I’m gonna try and hit enroll a new brand and it’s gonna ask some questions do your products and packaging have a permanent effects brand name logo whatever the case is I recommend you say yes do you tend to roll more than ten brands I would put no unless you are and then you put the brand name that’s gonna be registered so I’m just gonna type in two fake one for the purpose of this video I’m gonna type in Monster – so then you select the trademark type most trademarks are word marks and if you’ve got a design mark chances are it’s gonna be a little bit skill Wampus and it may not look as great the really important thing about your brand registry is the brand name that you want a cell under has to identically match your trademark so if your lawyer wasn’t on top of his game and filed your trademark your company name comma ink that’s the brand name you’re gonna have to sell under under Amazon if you want access to the brand registry you can and if that’s the case if I were in your shoes I would go file a new trademark filing the new trademark is a six-month process you’ll file the trademark within two or three months they’ll tell you whether they’ve accepted it we’re going to accept it then they publish it for opposition and then finally around that six month marker they take it live to the registry so and if you’re going to file a new one highly recommend and encourage you to do wordmark I just I just feel like it’s much simpler a design mark is really not needed unless you’ve got a luxury brand like Apple and whatnot alright so I’m gonna select word mark I’m then going to Swit in the trademark number which again if you don’t know how to find that go back to that trademark lookup that registration number we’re going here select the United States and proceed to the next step I do not believe it’s gonna let me proceed to the next step okay share contact information I’m able to approve because it’s already registered because I use the same trademark number as previously so and so the next steps which I’ll have to verbally talk through it’s gonna ask you if you’ve got UPC code say yes it’s gonna ask you if if you which countries you sell in tell tell the truth so I sell in the United States where do you manufacture them so if you manufacture in China red shadow if you manufacture in States right right the United States it’ll ask you for a website URL if you already sell go ahead and type that in that is valuable and then it will ask you for the whether you currently sell on Amazon so ninety-eight percent of the people watching this video you already sell on Amazon most likely go ahead and put your you know put down if you’re a seller if you still in seller central you’re a seller if you’re a vendor you put vendor and you sell one P through vendor central and then answer there any other questions that are on that checklist once you do that it will submit the application he will not allow you to submit it or it will error out if you don’t have the registration number or if it’s not on the principle registry so the next step they’re going to send an email to the person owns the trademark so if we go back here you can see the owner of the trademark right here is the company name and this so so if you used a lawyer to file your trademark they are the ones that are going to get to snow tiss from Amazon so you have two things you need to do to finish friend register it to step number one you need whoever owns the trademark to respond to Amazon in the affirmative and say yes I give permission to use this trademark for the brand registry filed by such and such a person and just you know you didn’t just reply very short one sense yes I agreed to this where I affirm to this the second thing is in that email they’re going to send you a code and that code is what you’re going to want to go put back into a case log on seller central so to access your case log you can go in here and hit help and go to your go to your active case law and then you’re going to type the code into that case look and that will within 24 hours should activate your brand registry then if you don’t know that and then if you want you can then start on the benefits of a brand registry so much of the rest of this video is going to talk about some of the benefits and access points you gain from having a brand registry so once the bread registry goes through you can then verify that it’s ready for you to go create a brand store a plus content your brand analytics brand dashboard all those good things you can easily ascertain whether it’s ready by going to stores manage stores if you see your brand name populate here you’re ready to proceed if the edit button does not exist go ahead and file a ticket or wait 48 hours and it should eventually populate and then you can start working on brand registry is really in beta right now oddly enough that’s been in beta for well over three years it is super buggy transferring your brand to another company or another account is nearly impossible trying to get it to associate to other countries is very frustrating anytime you got a brand issue chances are it’s going to be a frustrating process so I’m going to say all that in advance but there are many reasons why you want to go through this the Ben it’s way outweigh the cons and it’s a great program to be a part the first and easiest thing to do is to set up your brand store page and this is a great thing because I’ve got a vanity or I’ll notice how it’s amazon.com slash brand name or monster in this case and that brand store page is basically like a website you can put all your product here everything you cover you can create special dedicated landing pages for a particular product and when you click on the product it loads the page so it’s a really great thing have access to there’s some additional benefits it also allows you to build out a plus contents and this a plus consonance is one of the number one SEO ranking factors now Amazon is on record and saying that they do not crawl or index a plus content but I would like to call Amazon a big fat liar today because I have tested putting Spanish in the alt text of a photo and an index for Spanish so I firmly believe a plus content is a strong indexing keyword search term tool that you need to take advantage of so when you go out to build your a plus content and we have many dedicated videos on a plus content I would use as much space as possible I would use a lot of text I would use a product grade comparing your product so you can get some cross references there and I went fill in a hundred characters of alt text for each one of these photos so that’s kind of a short guide for A+ content we do also offer that as a service it’s probably one of our second or third most popular services that we offer at my Amazon guy comm you go to the services section and go to a plus content and for 500 bucks we will build you out a full fully launched all the plus content design done all of the keyword research a little bit of copywriting graphic editing if needed and we’ve got some examples on our website on some of the A+ content we built out so definitely take advantage of that if you don’t have a plus content today this is the number one best way to increase your sales today is the A+ content up alright so there are many other we have on e+ content so I won’t go into further detail on this one the next thing to be aware of the brand registry gets you access to is infringement reports so let’s say you’ve got a trademark that’s commonly used so like take a tech Kleenexes for example right so like these guys are you know the number one brand and clean of tissues right and people interchangeably use the trademark name Kleenex and tissue so if your trademark name is being used by somebody else’s listing in their title in their copy the bullets the images you can actually file a report of infringement to do this go to amazon.com slash report slash infringement in here you do have to have your brand registry in place or your trademark at least you can say you’re a rights owner I’ve got a trademark concern product detail pages I’m awfully using mine you can put your name in here trademarks registered put your registration number here and then put any additional information when you do file a report like this I do recommend that you provide documented proof and state that hey if you look at their title they are using my trademark mobster they’re not allowed to do that and chances are within 48 hours Amazon will go ahead and remove that page from the detailed catalog until they resume or fix it and remove it and a couple things to keep in mind when you file one of these reports they will have access to your name and email address so you may want to set up a special email that you do this for so that you don’t get hounded or or face any of those other consequences you can have a legal battle over filing trademark infringement so for example let’s say you’re your large corporation you got 10 different people selling your stuff on Amazon this is not supposed to be a tool to get rid of those 9 other sellers who probably bought through your distribution network it is a tool for getting competing asons that are using your trademark name and their copy taken down but as far as Amazon is concerned brand registry is not a way to control sellers it’s a way to control your brand and how it’s used and represented brand registry will allow you to get better control over your listing details so if there are multiple sellers and you know they’ve got different bullet points being submitted or different titles being submitted the brand registry owners at the top of the hierarchy only second to the catalog team directly at Amazon rumor has it that they were going to prioritize brand registry or the catalog team that rumors started about six months ago I have not seen that happen yet so you’re still at the mercy of the cow law team so if you’ve got something that you’ve edited on the back end of seller central and it’s not showing on the front end chances are that’s because the coyote meme has locked your listing just simply file a ticket to get that page detail page changed another thing to keep in mind about brand registries it does also give you access to upload videos so you can see here we’ve uploaded a video here and we’ve got a nice close-up of the wine glass this is a low quality shot video off the cellphone 30 seconds long it’s basically just to represent you know here’s what you’re getting as a as a buyer if you buy this product simply having a video on the detail page will improve your conversion rates by half a percentage point on average chances are most people will not watch the video but simply having won their ads had some anxiety reducing selling advantages to the listings so it’s an important one to have so the last thing I’m going to talk about is the brand dashboard and in the brand dashboard where you get access to this after you file a brand that should get a performance brand dashboard you do need to enable this user permission for secondary users again do that go to settings user permissions and go and enable it and if you don’t do that they won’t be able to see this in here there’s a bunch of different tools most of them are garbage to be honest but some of them are pretty cool so you can go to brand health and see you know my page page view percentage conversion rates a lot of cool stats like that you can see a lot of different information you would not have without the brand registry one of the most interesting things that I saw a change in the last there was this traffic report and if you run a search term optimization section here Amazon is indicating that everything in pink here in the search terms field is not of value not adding value to the back end of your product and we were very hesitant to act on this information we’re like I don’t really want to take away these words because we’ve optimized these to the best practices for the algorithm a couple of main big rules never duplicate words never use duplicate words in search terms and don’t use commas now a third rule what you’re adding really just in the last 48 hours is if you got the word in your title you probably want to update your search terms and remove it from your search terms and add an additional ones search terms can can be a good place to add misspellings a great place to add Spanish or other country languages that commonly use your product but you no longer need to use common language the authority got in your title so this is a really cool thing from the brand dashboard that really kind of surprised me and we we recently acted on this for an account that was like a 10 million dollar a year account we testified asons all five aces after we ran remove the peak text and replaced it index for 200 new keywords on average with about a five to ten percent increase in keyword rankings overall so we do know that it is valid recommendation sometimes amazon give recommendations you’re like that’s not really a valid thing don’t do that but but there you go there’s some lesser valuable tools like a new product optimizer that only shows things in the last 60 days so if you’re not if you know a tile filled out all the photos you’re not enough reviews it’ll show up on this section here one of my favorite things about the brand dashboard is will show you customer reviews he used to have to pay for tools like like SELEX or feedback fivers or feedback genius or feedback whiz those are all tools that track reviews you no longer need to pay for those services although those services may be valuable for other reasons like sending automated emails you now can track your brand brand reviews only four things you’ve registered your brand for so if you got a negative review in here and they just want to check on a you know every couple of a basis you can quickly see hey my product out of negative review I need to go answer it or if you want to respond to a review even if it’s not negative you can do so right here in the dashboard so it’s a really cool tool so there’s other benefits to the brand dashboard you can see a list of them in the brain benefits section go check them out I’ve shown you the kind of my favorite ones load videos A+ content brand dashboard analytics you can go you build out store page you can even load live videos optimizing new products manage your experiments they recently launched an a/b testing tool for A+ content I have not tested that yet though it may be kind of fun there’s also a page where you can go in there and see the top 3 converting products for any search term although I believe that tool is not really helpful I prefer helium 10 keyword research tools over over it but it is kind of fun to go in and see okay hey this lipgloss is the number one converting product however chances are it’s converting that way because a foot store traffic and not necessarily because of the optimized page so that data is really not useful you don’t want to go copycat people who have bad optimized products even if the conversion rates are high and then also chances are F conversion rates are high the traffic is too low I need to go invest in more advertising so that is my comprehensive guide to the brand registry and everything you need to know and if you guys would like to contact me for a free intro call see if we might be of assistance you just go to my Amazon guy com click on contact us or leave a question or a comment in the video comments and we’ll answer you look for to help me out thanks .

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