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How to Locate Seller Central Performance Notifications

Locating Amazon Seller Central Performance Notifications 

On Amazon Performance Notifications are critical pieces of communication directly from Amazon. These notifications can encompass some of the following topics:

    1. Policy Warnings
    2. Suspension Messages
    3. Listing Deactivation
    4. Category Approvals
    5. Banking Issues
    6. Pricing Issues
    7. More

Locating and responding to these notifications is critical to addressing any issues with your account and keeping the account in good standing.  While Amazon typically will send an email to go along with each performance notification, they can easily get lost, sent to spam, etc in your inbox. The safest option is to always check your notifications page through Seller Central on a routine basis.

To locate these notifications please do the following: 

  1. Go to your Seller Central Home Page.
  2.  Check the notification flag. If it has a number by it – you have new notification(s).

MyAmazonGuy Performance Notifications Amazon Seller Central

3. Even if there are no new notifications – it is always prudent to check your notifications page to see if one could have been missed, etc.

4. To do this go back to your Seller Central Home page and hover over the performance tab as shown below (Seller Central > Performance > Performance Notifications… or by clicking here: Performance Notification.


MyAmazonGuy Performance Notifications Amazon Seller Central

5. On the Performance Notification Page you can see all notifications sent from Amazon, the date they were sent, if any actions need to be taken, etc. You can also filter between read and unread notifications.