How to Clear Pesticides Gating Amazon Seller Central (Answer Key)

How to Clear Pesticide Gating

Link to take test

https://sellercentral.amazon.com/learn/courses?ref_=selleru_dash_recommended_m542&moduleId=a4db540f-bf98-47d5-aa8d-36e099f74805&modLanguage=English&timeOut=5&redirectionUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fsellercentral.amazon.com%2Fhz%2Fapprovalrequest%3Fasin%3DB0777T4623This link will allow you to clear pesticide gating preemptively. Otherwise need to be flagged before you can complete module.

Module Answers

Module 1

  • Question 1: False

Module 2

  • Question 1: All but the Bacteria on the Human Hands
  • Question 2: Sanitizes
  • Question 3: All but Hand Sanitizer
  • Question 4: All but Rat Poison
  • Question 5: False
  • Question 6: 2

Module 3

  • Question 1: Ensure that the weed killer has an EPA Registration Number
  • Question 2: Producing

Module 4

  • Question 1: Nontoxic
  • Question 2: All but the image of the pest
  • Question 3: It does not list the products active ingredients 

Module 5

  • Question 1: Any Certified Applicator

Module 6

  • Question 1: The label must not make false or misleading claims

Module 7

  • Question 1: Wooden Fence post treated with pesticide
  • Question 2: All but ‘the statement chemical free”
  • Question 3: Repels mosquitos that carry malaria

Module 8

  • Question 1: A pesticide intended for sale or distribution in a foreign country
  • Question 2: All but “be accompanied by an informational pamphlet” and “be labeled in the language of the country where it was produced” 
  • Question 3: All but Importing a pesticide that meets FIFRA requirements

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