Remote Fulfillment with FBA Setup

Do you have existing inventory in FBA? Looking to expand to Amazon Canada and Amazon Mexico without sending in units to warehouses outside of the US? Amazon has finally made it easier… And My Amazon Guy can help.

Remote Fulfillment with FBA Setup Service for $500 Includes:


What is Remote Fulfillment with FBA?

Remote Fulfillment with FBA lets you sell to customers in Canada and Mexico β€” without having to send inventory to those countries. When you enroll in the program and create offers on and, Fulfillment by Amazon will use your inventory in US fulfillment centers to fulfill orders across the border directly to the customer, through Amazon Services LLC.

NARF makes it possible to sell in Canada and Mexico Amazon without paying customs, taxes, duties, VAT in those countries.

Benefits of Our Service:

Why Hire My Amazon Guy?

Wondering how to get your listings properly set up on Amazon Canada and Amazon Mexico? We’ve got you covered.

My Amazon Guy has years of knowledge and experience in growing sales for over hundreds of Amazon Sellers.

We also perform keyword research through various powerful tools we utilize in-house. We are up to date with Amazon’s Seller Best Practices and will apply that to your listings.

Tests Market Demand

Save on Inventory Costs

Keyword Research by Experts

Increase Your Sales Revenue

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$500 per Account

Our Remote Fulfillment with FBA Setup Service Consists Of: