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MyAmazonGuy is located in Berkeley Lake (Duluth), Georgia, north of Atlanta in Gwinnett County.


If you’re interested in working at MyAmazonGuy please email your resume and cover letter to jobs (at) myamazonguy.com.


MAG is a digital marketing agency helping clients grow sales on Amazon.


Available Positions

Desirable candidate will have 2-5 years experience selling on Amazon, must have Seller Central experience for this role.

Must have experience in:

  1. PPC
  2. SEO
  3. P&L
  4. Listing Management
  5. Deep understanding of Amazon ticketing process
  6. Managing a team

This role will be second in command at My Amazon Guy, with potentially all Amazon Specialists reporting to this role. You will manage clients and personnel. This is a key role/hire. If you have at least 2 years of experience selling on Seller Central, email jobs (at) MyAmazonGuy.com

Introduction: MyAmazonGuy is seeking a new Amazon Specialist to help its growing client list. I’m looking for someone who wants a career in eCommerce, bonus if you’re familiar with selling online, especially Amazon. We have a team of 5 and are growing rapidly. Business has a laid back corporate startup environment in the basement of a residential home. The basement has been fully built out this past year with brand new infrastructure. My ideal candidate is within 20 minutes of Duluth, Georgia.

Important Details: Position is full time, M-F either 8-4 or 9-5pm.

About MyAmazonGuy Clients: We help clients in a variety of business categories ranging from home furniture, beauty, grocery, technology, and more. Our Amazon clients ask us to grow sales, launch accounts, and monitor advertising with some clients needing full Amazon operations, creating shipping labels, loading product, advertising, and data management.

About the Position: (Amazon Specialist – eCommerce) at MyAmazonGuy, we growth hack sales for clients. Specialists launch new accounts, optimize and load products, manage data, and create shipping labels. Amazon Specialists create and monitor advertising on Amazon and other sites to grow brands. Specialists manage SEO, PPC, Merchandising, Operations, and more. Specialists troubleshoot problems and utilize Amazon support to fix problems. You will utilize various software, such as JungleScout, Helium 10, and more in order to best serve the customers.

Day to Day: Jumping from one client to another, typically 30 mins to 3-hour tasks. Logging into dozens of accounts and checking on progress and sales. You will be taught how to accomplish each task and give you appropriate time to complete. All time is tracked for billable hours.

Atmosphere: Corporate job but in a relaxed casual business setting. Report to MyAmazonGuy headquarters, dedicated digital marketing office.

Room for growth: As the agency scales, there will be room for exceptional growth.

Educational Opportunity: Learn from an eCommerce expert who can teach you how to grow an eCommmerce business

Desired Skills: Attention to detail, Problem-solving, Digital mindset, Ability to organize data, Time Management and calendar management.

Desired Background: Any experience selling online is helpful, but this is an entry level position. Degree not required.

Desired Technical Background: Amazon Prime customer, bonus points if you’ve ever used Amazon Central Seller, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Reddit Advertising, or Facebook Advertising.

Office Location: Berkeley Lake, Georgia (Office is in a basement of a home with dedicated entrance and professional working environment.)

Compensation: $13-15/hr depending on experience. 6 company holidays. No benefits. W2 Employee.

Why YOU Should Apply: This is the ideal job for someone who wants a career in eCommerce. A career in eCommerce is a relaxing one. You can start your own eCommerce store with the knowledge gained from this position. eCommerce has exploded in the last few years. According to Forrester Inc., eCommerce Sales have grown from $202 Billion in 2011 to $327 Billion in 2016. This number is projected to grow for years to come. Get in on a great business opportunity. You can join a team of winners and help MyAmazonGuy continue to grow at a swift rate.

You won’t be stressed out at work or after work. MyAmazonGuy provides a relaxing environment that allows for rapid growth in product knowledge.

Application Process: – email jobs (at) myamazonguy.com, write at least 3-5 bullets in a cover letter suggesting why you are a good candidate for the job. If you read this entire job description put “MAG” at the front of cover letter. If selected, you will be asked to schedule an introductory call, followed by an in person interview. We want to hire a new team member immediately.

My Amazon Guy Office

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