How to Create A+ Content on Amazon (Part 1)

A+ Content (formerly EBC or Enhanced Brand Content) is a key factor in turning sessions into conversions. High quality A+ Content can help steer an undecided customer towards a purchase, however poor quality A+ Content can have the opposite effect.

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Here are a few basic tips and tricks to help you begin crafting your own A+ Content:

Getting Started

To begin creating your A+ Content, go to your Amazon Seller Central home page. A+ Content is listed under the advertising tab (A+ Content is still currently listed as Enhanced Brand Content under this tab, but this might change soon).

Once you click the link, you will be taken to Amazon’s A+ Content Manager. This is where your drafts will live once you save them. To start a new draft click the blue “Start creating A+ content” button in the top right corner.

From there you will be taken to the “Content details” page. This is where you will actually build your A+ Content. You do this by selecting creating modules and filling them with either text or images. These are the building blocks of your A+ Content. The “Company Logo” and “Product description text” modules that appear when you start your build are locked and can not be deleted, however they can be left blank if you don’t wish to use them. To create new modules, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the “+ Add Module” button. This will bring up a variety of modules to select. Choose whichever module fits your needs, and begin filling them in.

The Importance of Copy

One of the most important functions of A+ Content is that it provides an opportunity to include more keywords and searchable terms within your page. Not only can you directly input keywords attached to each image you upload, but all the copy (i.e. text) creates keywords as well. It’s important to find the balance between including a significant amount of copy in your description boxes while also being aesthetically pleasing and professional.

Make sure your copy is easy to read. Keep paragraphs around the same size and try to convey as much information as you can in as few of words possible. Here is a good example of appropriate copy in A+ Content:

High Quality Images

Many modules allow you to insert images. Images can convey a lot of information very quickly, and the ability to tie keywords to images when you upload them helps increase sessions and conversions. However, if you’re not careful, pictures can take away more than they add to an A+ Content page.

Every module will tell you the specific pixel height and width your image needs to be.

If you’re image is too small, you won’t be able to upload it. You can resize your image in a 3rd party photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, but that is not recommended. Stretching your image will noticeably decrease its quality and will generally look terrible. We suggest getting the largest, highest quality images possible and only downsize them if needs be. Never increase the size of your image.

Some modules have very unique image size requirements. For example, the “Standard Comparison Chart” module requires images to be 300 pixels tall and 150 pixels wide. In cases like this, you may want to create a template in a 3rd party photo editing program with those dimensions and overlay your chosen image on it. Downsizing it to fit within your template dimensions while keeping the same scale. Below is an example of resizing a larger image to fit within a 300 x 150 pixel template:

This should be a good jumping off point for A+ Content. Keep an eye out for Part 2.


Technical Update: A+ Content Platform Reverts back to Old EBC Platform (USA Only)

UPDATE: 4pm EST the new A+ modules are back up. You should be able to recover any drafts without problem.

As of 8:44am EST on 7/26/19 the new A+ platform Amazon rolled out about 10 days ago has now reverted back to the original EBC platform. It is still accessible, however, if you had any drafts in A+ content they are as of this moment inaccessible. We have contacted Amazon, but have not heard whether this work will be salvageable, and we do not know when it will back online if ever.

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Often Amazon tests beta roll outs, reverts, fixes a bug, then goes forward. We have no heard no news at this moment.


A+ Content Changes for Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon


We have the honor of guest posting on Feedback Whiz on A+ Content.


As brand registry starts to mature on Amazon, and everyone has their trademarks in places, it’s become a wild wild west for enhanced brand content. Because of that, Amazon has tightened up its reigns by moving both Vendor Central and Seller Central onto the same module platform and renaming it all simply A+ Content.


Read more here.



Enhanced Content A+ EBC Amazon Strategy Tips & Tricks Keywords

Below are some links to helpful information on EBC/A+ Enhanced Content.

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Intro basic tutorial – 
In depth guides:
Good Content Examples:
Main Methods:
  1. Add 1000+ words of copy
  2. Keywords in copy, headlines
  3. Keywords in alt text of photos (behind scenes)
  4. Take up space, decrease noise from competitors and other Amazon elements that don’t help your sales
  5. Organize information in a pyramid with the most unique product information at the top, product grid in middle and category information in middle, and brand story at bottom.
  6. Recommend using custom templates to build as you have assets available.
  7. Copy the templates over to other products.
  1. Increase total keywords ranked for
  2. Increase keywords rankings to be higher ranked to page 1
  3. Increase traffic to listing
  4. *Enhanced content has not made much of an impact to conversion rates for most sellers – and is thus seen as more of a traffic play*

Enhanced Content – How to Build Content on Amazon?

Enhanced content is the “From the Manufacturer” section on Amazon. It displays toward the bottom of the detail page of an ASIN.

Click here to learn how we can help you stand out from your competition and showcase your brand with Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon.

Enhanced content can help improve conversion rates, and branding.

My favorite examples of enhanced content are Qwest Chips and Crafthouse. Qwest Chips uses one of the templates Amazon provides, and they go well in depth. Crafthouse used a custom template and just loaded 3 banners. You can do anything you want with enhanced content, images and descriptions.

How to build enhanced content:

    1. You need the brand registry for your brand. If you don’t have this, you file for it at – which requires a trademark that matches your brand letter for letter.
    2. To start enhanced content, it’s built product by product (sku by sku) in Seller Central When you go there type in the sku you want to do and it will load these templates to choose from:

Design tip: You can copy enhanced content from another sku.

3. Plug and play your assets, similar to how I explain in the storefront article and video.

4. Publish. It takes Amazon 3-4 days or so to accept your enhanced content.

There are many things to be aware of when making enhanced content. Do not include trademark symbols, your website information, or violate any typical Amazon T&C.

Hire a consultant today to help you get your brand registry and enhanced content live.

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