How Is Your Score On The New Amazon Account Health?

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Breaking News: Amazon now gives a metric score on your Account Health as a seller.   
As of this writing, not all of the sellers can see this on their accounts because this is still in the beta test. It looks like Amazon is testing this on around 10% of accounts so not everybody has this feature yet. The Account Health rating reflects the adherence of the sellers to Amazon Selling policies. It ranges from 0 to 1,000. But nobody really knows how these ratings and scores are calculated yet. It seems like it’s divided into 3 parts: below 100, between 100 and 200, and between 200 and 1,000. Based on what little information is available to us right now, my assumption is that the green zone is everything above 200 points. The Help file is not that helpful too.  
Click on this to see the Help File
  The list of things we seem to know is very short so far: 👉 A score below 99 makes your account eligible for deactivation – or it might already be deactivated  👉 Repeat violations will make the score degrade faster 👉 Accounts that have reached a maximum number of repeat violations for infringement-related policies or restricted product policies may be at immediate risk of deactivation 👉 The score will have a rolling effect of 180 days Given that there are no clear instructions on how to understand the metrics, I also listed my speculations based on the foregoing events. And here are my speculations in their entirety: 👉This is similar to the IPI score used on inventory management 👉This number existed for years but they are now displaying it for the first time 👉The items higher up in the list have more impact, similar to how IPI is calculated 👉Bigger incentive to clear errors in this section to improve the score 👉Potential for better Seller Support if your number is higher. (Gosh I hope this becomes true) Let’s see how much of my speculation is correct. There is literally zero information on this so far.