How to Back Up your Amazon Catalog – All Category Listings Report – CLR

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Amazon catalogs are a big deal. They’re the heart of your business, and you need to protect them at all costs. 

Back up your Amazon catalog, and save your title, your bullets, and your description. Access your catalog and create a backup of the attributes to save yourself from the troubles of dealing with this with Amazon.

To access your catalog and create a backup, follow the following steps:

  1. First, log into seller central up at the top here:
  1. Place your cursor over Inventory Reports you can go over to inventory reports that’ll bring up this screen:
  1. Click the drop-down to switch this to the Category Listings Report (CLR). The little yellow alert says the category listing’s report is in beta please note that the report and its features may be changed or removed at any time so this could be a moving target .
  1. Once, that’s done you can see these category listings report (ALL) in the parentheses, and that’s how you know you got the right report. Just simply hit that download button on the far right, and then that’s going to bring up your file: 
  1. After downloading the file, open it in an excel file, and at the top, click the enable editing button. All the classic core attributes in the peachy tannish type of color are displayed in the file such as product type and there are column items for SKU, brand name, etc. Simply save this file call it catalog backup save it in a folder. Anytime you’re about to make a catalog change that’s when you should be doing a catalog backup. You can either do an Update, a Partial Update, or Delete.
Once the changes to your catalog have been made, Go back to Seller Central and upload the file back in. Go to Catalog and choose to  Upload your Inventory file, browse the file,  place your email address to monitor the status, and hit Upload. And wait for the changes to take effect on your listing.

To learn more on how to back up your Amazon catalog, watch this tutorial video.

00:00 How to Back Up Your Amazon Catalog Data

00:15 Access catalog and Walkthrough on its crazy attributes

00:23 Login to Seller Central, 

00:27 Go to Reports 

00:30 Click on Inventory then, select Reports

00:36 On the dropdown, switch to Category Listings Report

00:38 A yellow alert will appear on your screen (Category Listing Report is in BETA)

00:52 Importance of creating a backup for your catalog

01:33 Click on Request Report

01:58 Hit the Download button once you’ve seen Category Listing Report (All)

02:27 Open the file in Excel and click on Enable editing

02:35 Showing the Core attributes 

03:03 Save the file and put a file name with the date

03:17 Explaining how to work on 1 SKU

03:37 Work on 1 SKU at a time

03:46 Minimize the product’s data that you are working on

04:21 Walkthrough on how to do a partial update on your catalog

04:23 The most important thing that you need to know in doing Catalog data changes

04:30 Explaining the difference between Partial update, update and delete

05:31 Make all the required changes 

05:33 Load the file back in, go to Seller Central 

05:40 Click Catalog and Add products via Upload

05:45 Select Upload your Inventory File section and then, browse for the file

05:49 Put your email to track the results of the file

05:53 Click upload and check for errors

So, anytime you’re about to make any catalog change, do not forget to do a catalog backup.