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How to Look Up Amazon RMA ID on Seller Central

What to Do When a Customer Return Has No Order ID

When a customer wants to return an item, Amazon will send them a return label. This label, however, does not have any order identification and not all customers provide a packing slip with the information. It then becomes quite difficult to determine which order the item came from for your records. Luckily, there is a way to find this information on Seller Central.

Each return label provided by Amazon has an identification number called an Amazon RMA ID. This is the number that Amazon assigns to the return for their own identification. Using this RMA ID, you can find the original order ID that is linked to it by cross-referencing the RMA ID with the Returns Report. On Seller Central under Reports, you can access the Returns Reports for both FBA and MFN orders. Download the MFN returns report and you will see a column labeled “Amazon RMA ID”. Simply search for the RMA ID from the return and you will be able to find the corresponding order ID in column A.Β Β