7 TIPS To Leverage Amazon Posts To Promote Your Products

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Are you looking for new and better ways to market your Amazon products? AMAZON POSTS is the ANSWER.   As an Amazon Seller, you know how competitive it is to have your product exposed to a customer’s eye.   This is especially true on the Amazon platform, where thousands of people browse daily, making purchases just like your own.   The good news is we have Amazon Posts that are similar to what you’d find on social media, and they act as a way to share content, engage customers, and drive discovery.   If you want to learn more about Amazon Posts and how you can use them to effectively boost brand awareness and audience engagement, read on.
WHAT IS AMAZON POST? Amazon Post is a new content marketing tool that allows the creation of visually-appealing posts on Instagram-like feeds. These posts can be used to communicate with customers, share information, and drive sales. These Amazon Posts allow you to market directly to your audience within the Amazon platform.  BENEFITS OF USING AMAZON POSTS
  • Reach a wider audience for free across Amazon.
  • Help shoppers discover new products to raise brand awareness, cross-sell across your categories, and inspire brand loyalty with new and existing customers.
  • This offers data and insight into your customers by using images and captions to drive views and clicks.
  • Create demand for your products with lifestyle imagery, which shows people using your product.
  • Customers can “follow” your brand.
  • Stand out and connect with your competitor’s audience.
HOW TO CREATE AMAZON POSTS It’s super easy to get started with Amazon Profiles, login to Seller Central, then:
  1. Go to posts.amazon.com/profiles.
  2. Select the brand you want to create a post for.
  3. Click “Create Post.”
  4. Upload your image.
  5. Write your caption.
  6. Choose your product’s ASIN.
  7. Review your post in the window to the right. Make sure everything is accurate.
  8. Submit for review.
That’s it!
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  1. Do not use pictures that are already on your product descriptions
  2. Inspire customers with attractive and compelling imagery using lifestyle images or showing your product in action to get more clicks.
  3. Put relevant keywords in the caption of the Amazon Post to increase your discoverability.
  4. Let your caption tell a story about why your products are valuable and unique. Communicate a clear call to action to convert browsers into buyers. Avoid repeating your product description or using snippets from customer reviews.
  5. Understand where Amazon Posts appear because the sellers have little control over where they are placed. Most of the time, they are placed on:
  1. Brand feed
  2. Product page carousel
  3. Related brands feed
  4. Category-based feed
  1. Know your customer avatar. Curate your brand and schedule your posts according to your customer avatar because the more engagements you have, the more Amazon will show your posts.
If you want to know more about Customer Avatars, I discussed this in my Amazon Listing Optimization Masterclass. Click here to watch the video.  
  1. Do A/B Testing. Once you’ve posted for a couple of weeks, check your Amazon metrics. Use them to learn what type of pictures, headlines, copy, and length of copy your audience responds to, and then replicate the highest performing results in your new posts.


The key takeaway is that Amazon Posts offer you a free and easy way to promote your products on a platform where millions of people go daily. You should leverage the service and get started as soon as possible.

Are you interested in using Amazon Posts for your brand or improving your overall marketplace performance? My Amazon Guy can help! Contact us today.