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How was Prime Day 2022?

How was Prime Day 2022 for you?

Amazon made up this shopping holiday to help with the weakest month of the year’s sales: July. Everyone is outside, and typically not shopping.

Steven Pope was on a dozen media stations this week talking about Prime Day, including an in-person TV interview with News Nation in Palm Beach, Florida where he was the Key Note speaker at AMZ Pow Wow.

“Less than 5 years ago, Amazon passed Goggle as the No. 1 place where people start their product search,” Steven Pope, the founder of My Amazon Guy, told NewsNation correspondent Brooke Shafer Tuesday on “Rush Hour.”


“More than 60% of consumers will start their product search directly on the Amazon platform. And that’s the access that the sellers can get in touch with,” Pope continued.


But there’s a catch: Sales numbers posted during Prime Day are inflated relative to the rest of the year.


“The weeks before and after Prime Day are the weakest weeks of the year, and so it’s just going to look like a wash at the end of the day,” Pope said. “Amazon made up this made-up holiday called Prime Day, stuck it in the weakest time of the year, and then allowed sellers to take advantage of it. But it really won’t move the needle that much,” Pope said.


The reason for that is inflation and the state of the economy. Because the cost for everything is up, it’s that much harder for businesses to make money.


Credit News Nation

Steven also took a live interview with a New York-based TV Station in Russian with a translator while at the airport on the way home from the conference. You can see Steven’s giant face cropping due to taking the interview on Skype on a phone LOL.

The interview is at min marker 42 if you speak Russian…