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Alt text in A+ content is one of the least recognized ways to boost Amazon SEO. Some sellers and brand owners might regard it merely as accessibility reasons, but alt text is one of the tools that can help increase your sales on Amazon.

Our founder and CEO, Steven Pope, has stated numerous times just how important and useful an Amazon SEO tool A+ optimization in this video. Consider partnering with an Amazon agency to optimize your A+ content for better ranking.


What is A+ Alt Text?

In essence, it is a short text describing an image that cannot be displayed or seen.More importantly for Amazon sellers, alt text in A+ is also read by the search engines and helps them better understand your images’ content.

How Does Alt Text in A+ Help Boost Amazon SEO?

If you add alt text to your A+ content, you will likely be able to maximize your Amazon SEO opportunities. A+ content allows further indexing for additional keywords that you might not have used yet in your listing copy and backend keywords.

A+ content images with descriptive text will help Amazon show your listings in relevant search results. This will help you reach a wider audience, driving more traffic to your listings.

What if I actually decide to leave it blank?

Leaving the alt text section blank is not a good idea, even if you are not paying a lot of attention to your Amazon SEO.

Remember that alt text is the text that describes an image. When the internet is slow or when the shopper is visually challenged, having alt texts helps provide your customers and viewers with a satisfactory experience.


If not for Amazon SEO purposes, then add alt text for customer satisfaction. Still, you can hit two birds with one stone if you do it strategically!

Where can I add the alt text?

Log in to your Seller Central account and go to A+ Content Manager.

Add alt text in the A+ Content Manager for Amazon SEO

Once you are in the A+ Manager page, access the content to which you are trying to apply the Alt-Text.

Edit A+ at text to boost Amazon SEO

This will open a page where you can see the modules in that A+ or EBC. For each image, you can click an “Edit” button similar to the one shown in the image below:

Edit A+ Module to add alt text for Amazon SEO

Click the “Edit” button to see something similar to this:

Add alt text to A+ for Amazon SEO

Add the alt text in the Image Keywords bar, Then hit “Add.”

Once you have applied the alt text to all images in the A+ modules, your next step is to apply the ASINs to which you want the A+ to appear. Click the “Review and Submit” button and wait for at least 24 hours for Amazon to approve the content.

How do I construct the alt text?

You could enter any keyword that you like, as our founder Steven Pope says in this video.

However, here at My Amazon Guy, we follow a specific process for selecting keywords to use as alt text for A+ content. This process is part of our tested and proven 4-phase SEO methodology that you might want to check out.

What are the best practices for adding alt text to A+?

If you follow our social media posts, have enrolled in our MAG School SEO course, or are a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you most likely know about the optimal techniques for Amazon SEO.

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