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How to load A+ Videos to Amazon Seller Central

Brand Registry on Amazon Seller Central changes frequently. They recently moved the location of where you upload videos into Amazon.

How to load A+ Videos to Amazon Seller Central

  1. Log into Seller Central
  2. Go to Inventory/Upload & Manage Videos
  3. Upload the video
  4. Assign the ASIN
  5. Submit

You can also simply click this link to go to the video upload page in Seller Central:Β

After you click upload and manage videos it takes you to this screen.

Here you title the video, list the ASINs, load a thumbnail and submit.

Videos typically take 3-5 days to get approved to display.

Things to keep in mind with A+ Videos:

  • Can not reference promotions, deals, or marketing time frames (Don’t say “buy today”)
  • Can’t reference any URL outside of Amazon, can not mention your website, or retail stores
  • Must be a video of your product. Recommend a demo of the product.
  • Ideally 30-90 seconds long.
  • Recommend voice over, but optional.
  • Video file:Β We recommend uploading files in the highest available quality, up to 1080p. Currently acceptable file formats are .mov and .mp4.
  • Review the content policy at Amazon.